To Fight Like Hell (105.17)

105.17 SYNOPSIS: Michaela visits her dad and opens up about missing her mom and seeing the life she could’ve had with Jared. Her dad tells her to go for it because he never got over her and these are special circumstances.—>

Script & Commentary

Scene switches to Steve’s house, where Michaela approaches her dad sitting on the front porch. 

STEVE: Oh, aren’t you supposed to be at work? Day off.

MICHAELA: I thought we could eat some pizza and catch up like old times.

STEVE: Come on. I’m sick of sitting out here alone.

Steve pads the cushion next to him. Michaela sits down and leans her head on her dad’s chest. 

STEVE: What’s up, honey? Hmm?

MICHAELA: I miss Mom, Dad.

STEVE: Yeah. Yeah. Me, too. Most nights, I sit out here just to feel close to her. Well, I appreciate the pepperoni, but what’s on your mind, kiddo? Hmm?

MICHAELA: Today, I saw one of Mom’s afghans.

STEVE: Oh she was always making those damn things. I mean, I couldn’t sit down without getting a crochet hook in my ass.


MICHAELA: It was at Jared and Lourdes’ house. Being there was like looking at the life that would have been mine.

STEVE: Ah. You’re young. You can still have all that and more.

MICHAELA: Just not with Jared.

STEVE: In Jamaica, you weren’t sure you wanted it.

MICHAELA: I know, but on the plane, I made the decision I was gonna say yes.

STEVE: You still want to be with him?

MICHAELA: Of course I do, Dad. How could I not?

STEVE: Then go get him, sweetie.

MICHAELA: He’s married.

STEVE: Only because he thought you were gone. I told your mom.  I-I didn’t think. he ever stopped loving you.

MICHAELA: So what would she tell me to do, then? She’d want you to be happy.

STEVE: I mean, if you love him, tell him.

MICHAELA: That is crazy advice, Dad.

STEVE: I mean, if I’d been on your plane and come home and found your mother with some other man? I’d have fought like hell to get her back.

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