At the Stone’s House (105.6)

105.06 SYNOPSIS: When Ben decides to spend the entire day with Cal, he hears the voice again. He then asks his son if he ever feels like someone is controlling his life. Cal says yes, but starts naming all of the adults around him. Citing chaos theory, they flip a coin to determine what they will do for the day.—>

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The predictable

Scene switches to Stone family’s house. Ben walks through front door, as Grace is walking down the steps. 

GRACE Hey, babe.

BEN: Hey.

Ben is playing a game on his tablet.

BEN: How was your day?

GRACE: Good. Uh, Olive’s at school already, so Cal will come with me to work.

BEN: Well, how about I hang out with him? He’ll start school soon, so I want to max out all the free time we got left.

GRACE: I thought you were doing resume follow-up.

BEN: Done and dusted. It’s just a waiting game now.

GRACE: Well, I’m sure you’ll get a lot of great offers.

BEN: But today, it’s all about Cal.

GRACE: Well, get going. And have fun.

From across the room, Cal shouts.

CAL: Dad! “Fortnite” totally rocks. You gotta learn to play.

BEN: Well, then you gotta teach me

The unpredictable

As he walks toward his son, he stops suddenly.

VOICE [INSIDE BEN’S HEAD]: It’s all connected.

CAL: Um, Dad?

BEN: Hey. Do you ever feel like someone else is controlling your life?

CAL: Only, like, all the time. You, Mom, Grandpa, all of my doctors.

BEN: [CHUCKLES] And being controlled is no fun, right? So what do you say we try a little chaos theory? Be unpredictable.

CAL: Cool. How?

BEN: We don’t make any decisions. We flip a coin, and we leave it to chance. And nobody’s in charge. Okay?

He holds up a coin.

BEN: So, heads we go bowling. Tails, Coney Island. Sound good?

CAL: Sounds great.

BEN: All right. Here we go.

He flips the coin. /Coin Clinks/

CAL: Coney Island! Sweet! – I love the Cyclone!

BEN: All right, let’s go! Masters of our own destiny.

GRACE: I like the sound of that. Have a great day, guys.

BEN: We’ll see you later.

They leave out the front door.

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