“Can Anyone Help?” (106.1)

106.1 SYNOPSIS: “Off Radar” starts off with a flashback to the plane where Cal exits the bathroom and is touched on the head by a passenger roaming the cabin speaking a foreign language. In the present day, he awakes from a nightmare with a high fever, screaming and shouting, causing the Stone family to rush him to the hospital. —>

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On Flight 828



Scene begins on airplane Flight 828. Cal is walking down center aisle of airplane.

VOICE (ON INTERCOM): Ladies and gentlemen, if you need any assistance filling out your customs and immigration forms, please ring your flight attendant call button.

A man is also in the aisle speaking in Bulgarian. He is asking for help filling out his form. “Excuse me, can anyone help?” He walks a little further, and again he asks, “Help me?”  When he and Cal pass, he taps Cal on the head. 


Cal simply looks at him and walks pass him. The man approaches Saanvi, and asks her in Bulgarian if she can help him.

SAANVI: Sorry, I only speak English.

A woman seated behind SAANVI, motions the Bulgarian passenger to come near, saying in Bulgarian, “I can help.”


In Cal’s bedroom

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Scene switches to Cal screaming in his bed. He is speaking in Bulgarian. This wakes up Grace and Ben


Ben and Grace run to Cal’s room.

BEN [TO GRACE]:  Get the thermometer. He’s burning up.

Grace runs to the medicine cabinet in the bathroom.

BEN [TO CAL]: It’s okay, pal. Dad’s here, Dad’s here.

While Ben holds his son, Cal clings to his stuffed animal, Art the Dragon.

CAL: They’re hurting me! Help.

Michaela comes to the door.

MICHAELA: Hey, what’s going on?

BEN: It’s just a bad dream, buddy.

CAL: No, no, no! Not the red door!

While Ben continues to hold Cal, Grace comes back with the thermometer. Michaela watches. 

GRACE: Let me see, let me see. Shh, shh.

CAL: No, no, no! Not the red door!

GRACE: 103.2.

BEN: We should get him to a hospital. Get Olive.

GRACE: No, she slept at Avery’s.

BEN: Gonna be okay, buddy. Gonna be okay.

Ben picks up Cal, and carries him from his room.

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  1. Cal’s Timeline. Cal is admitted to the hospital on Day 11 (106.1) and released from the hospital the next day (Day 12; 107.2).

    Ben’s Timeline. During the time Cal was in the hospital, Ben finds out about UDS “before” Cal is released (107.2); then he applies, interviews, and is hired by J.P. Williamson “after” Cal is released from the hospital (Day 12; 107.3) . On Day 13 (107.4), Ben readies himself for his first day on the job.

    Can anyone help me understand what happened here? I know some fans have complained the show moves too slowly. But how was it realistic or possible for Ben to accomplish everything that happened in this 2-day period?

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