How Far? (106.11)

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Michaela’s report


Scene switches to waiting area in the hallway. Ben answers his phone.

BEN: Tell me you got something, Mick. Cal’s getting worse. We got to find Marko.

MICHAELA: Okay, I don’t know what I’ve got, but it is something. So, I ran the tags on the screen caps of the buses that you sent me. The State Police’s automatic license-plate reader got all five of them heading south after they left the hangar. The entire caravan registered multiple hits tunnels, highway on-ramps. Five buses, until they exited the thruway, then one of them disappeared.

BEN: Buses just don’t disappear.

SAANVI: Why not? Happens to airplanes.

BEN: Hey, Mick, where did you say that toll plaza was?

MICHAELA: Exit 16 right outside of Woodbury.

Ben’s maps


Scene jumps a little later. Ben is circling areas of a map.

BEN: Barn, barn. These roads are too narrow.

Saanvi hands him a print out.

SAANVI: I think the nurse’s printing station is running out of ink, so there’s got to be a more efficient way to solve this problem.

BEN: Well, we’re kind of resource constrained. Then again, maybe that’s the point. Maybe the calling wants to see how far we’ll go.

Saanvi’s insight

SAANVI: What? To see if we’ll just blindly follow? What happens when a calling tells us to do something that we don’t actually want to do?

BEN: What? Do you think I want to be playing “Find the Bulgarian”?

SAANVI: No, I mean like killing someone or blowing something up. What do we do then?

BEN: Right now, that’s not my problem. I’m just trying to save my son.

Planning ahead

Ben gets out his phone and makes a call.


BEN: Hey. I just sent you a map. Now, the missing bus had to have disappeared sometime between when they left the thruway and when they hit Southfield. Now, there’s only a handful of roads they could’ve taken without tripping another scanner. Then again, it couldn’t have gone very far. There’s a ton of farmland out there but only a few buildings where they could’ve stashed a bus. I’ve circled the ones I could find on the map.

MICHAELA: Okay, I’ll go check them out.

BEN: Hey. Listen, I have no idea what you’re gonna find out there, but I’m betting it’s not friendly. Take Jared?

MICHAELA: Uh, yeah, that is a terrible idea.

BEN: I know. But a necessary one.

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