You Know this How? (106.12)

106.12 SYNOPSIS: Ben and Michaela figure out the route of the buses allowing her to try to track down the mysterious bus, but she decides to bring Jared as backup. He’s hesitant until she reveals information about the missing passengers which convinces him to tag along.—>

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Michaela’s first attempt

Scene switches to the 129th Police Precinct.

MICHAELA: I need your help. I have to go check something out upstate.

JARED: I already told you to leave me out of it.

Michaela’s second attempt

MICHAELA: I can’t. Ben and I are trying to track down one of the passengers from the plane who went missing. He has something to do with Cal being sick. I think the government made them disappear.

JARED: You sound like one of those lunatics on television.

MICHAELA: Thank you. I’m well aware.

Michaela’s third attempt

MICHAELA: There were 11 passengers in the hangar who got on government buses but never showed up to any of the shelters.

JARED: And you know this how? It doesn’t matter, but if I’m right about this, then we are all in danger Ben, Cal, and me.

MICHAELA: And if you’re wrong again? Then we’ll have a nice country drive. [PAUSE] Fine, I’ll go it alone.

JARED: Michaela, hold up.

MICHAELA: No. You can’t stop me.

JARED: I’m not. I’m coming with you.

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