Make It Stop! (106.13)

106.13 SYNOPSIS: Marko is being zapped and his doctors decide to up the voltage which starts to affect Cal on the other side.—>

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Cal’s “nightmare”

Scene switches to Cal’s hospital room where Cal is screaming. 


CAL: Make it stop, please!

GRACE: Shh, shh, I’m here, I’m here, I’m here.

CAL: The red door. No.

Dr. William assists Grace.

GRACE: Please, he’s having nightmares.

DR. WILLIAMS: His body’s doing everything it can to cope, but it’s too much. We’ve got to get his temperature down.

CAL: Make it stop, please!

GRACE: You’re okay, you’re okay.

Marko’s reality

We see an image of someone walking through a red door. Marko Valeriev is being hooked up to a machine and being tended to by technicians. 

CLINICIAN: And stop. [PAUSE] And now. [PAUSE] And stop. [PAUSE] He’s responding differently than the others.

SCIENTIST: Might have something to do with his fever. Try it on a higher setting.

Clinician turns a knob. Marko Valeriev’s body convulses.

CAL: Make it stop!

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