What the Hell? (106.14)

106.14 SYNOPSIS: They reach a large barn upstate that’s surrounded by drones and a guardhouse. They are escorted off the premises, but not before she’s able to snap a few photos.—>

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Listening to music

Scene shifts to a country rode. Jared and Michaela are inside a car. 

JARED: We’ve been at this for hours. How many more of these places do we have to check out?

MICHAELA: As many as it takes. How old is this playlist? Is this the same one from the Academy?

JARED: You don’t mess with perfection.

MICHAELA: Oh, perfection? Uh, J, this playlist was ancient five years ago. I would’ve had to go back in time for it not to be cheesy.

JARED: You know the rules. My car, my music.

Finding the barn

They see a barn in the distance.

MICHAELA: That’s certainly big enough to hide a bus.

JARED: Or a bunch of animals that can go in a barn.

MICHAELA: Pull over up there.

A drone flies overhead, as they open the doors and step out of the car. Two black vehicles are visible. One is driving across the field. Another is near a guard house. 

MICHAELA: They have a guard house and security cams. I highly doubt they’re inviting us in for a tour.

JARED: We got guns and badges. How are they gonna say no?

MICHAELA: We’re 50 miles outside of our jurisdiction. Besides, I don’t want to tip them off.

Getting caught

The vehicle by the guard house accelerates toward them.

MICHAELA: Damn it.

Michaela grabs a sharp object from the trunk.

JARED: Mick, what are you doing?

MICHAELA:  Just go with me.

She pokes a hole in one of the front tires.

JARED: Mick, what the hell?

The black vehicle drives up, and an armed guard gets out.

ARMED GUARD: Folks lost? This area’s off-limits.

MICHAELA: I know. I, uh I told him, but he wanted to go for a drive.

ARMED GUARD: This is a restricted area, sir. Didn’t you see the sign?

JARED: I must’ve just missed it.

Fixing a flat tire

MICHAELA: Hey, do you have a jack in there? The only one that we’ve got is one of those, uh, collapsible—

She starts walking to the back of the car.

ARMED GUARD: Miss, please keep your hands where I can see them.

JARED: Babe. Babe, I’d do what the man says.

She removes the spare tire from the trunk and carries it to the front, handing it to Jared

MICHAELA: Sorry, what? You want to help me with the spare, babe?

JARED: Yeah.

MICHAELA: Thanks. Sorry.

Jared and Michaela after replacing the tire, drive away.

JARED: Mick, what the hell? That guy had an automatic weapon.

MICHAELA: Yeah, he wasn’t the only one.

Taking photos

Michaela sees something.

MICHAELA: Hey, slow down a sec.

Pointing her camera, she watches a woman and a man approaching a red door to the barn.

JARED: Mick, what the hell is going on?

CAL: No, not the red door!

A man comes out of the red door.

JARED: Michaela, what the hell’s happening?

Michaela starts taking pictures.

MICHAELA: I’ll explain later. Just drive.

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