Time for Answers (106.16)

106.16 SYNOPSIS: After escaping the facility, Jared wants more information from Michaela and she comes clean about everything: the visions, the riddles, the government and the facility. Lucky for her, Jared believes her and says she isn’t alone. Michaela debates going back to the facility to investigate what is going on because other law enforcement isn’t to be trusted. —>

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Jared’s umpteenth time


Scene shifts to country road, where Michaela and Jared are driving.

MICHAELA: Jared, you can slow down. They’re not following us.

The car stops suddenly. Jared gets out. Michaela follows. 

JARED: Michaela, enough is enough. That’s it, time for some answers. Like, why did we just find a government black site guarded by a bunch of Blackwater wannabes? And more importantly, why don’t you seem at all surprised? No, no, no, don’t even think about telling me you can’t explain, Michaela, or give me some half-truth. We’re way past that now.

Michaela finally tells all


MICHAELA: You’re right, okay? You do deserve to know the truth, but I don’t have the answers that you are looking for.

JARED: Try me. It’s me, okay? I’m trying to help you here, can’t you see that? Please, tell me what’s going on.

MICHAELA: The cases that we solved, like the Pyler sisters, I had help. I hear things. Sometimes I see things, too.

JARED: Like hallucinations?

MICHAELA: I am not crazy, J. This is happening to a lot of us.

JARED: Passengers on the flight?


JARED: Ben, too?

MICHAELA: Look, you need to understand something.

JARED: Michaela, you realize that.

MICHAELA: Let me finish, please. These voices, they want us to fix things. It’s like a puzzle that we are being called to solve.

JARED: What does this have to do with that farm back there? I don’t know, but I think the government knows what is happening, and whatever’s going on in that farm is a danger to all of us, especially Cal. [PAUSE] I need to call Ben and tell him what we found. I’m sorry.

A New Layer to their Friendship

Melissa Roxburgh: It’s interesting to see what happens after this, too, in terms of how Jared deals with this new information and how he looks at her, and how he cares for her because of it. It does add a new layer to their relationship.1

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  1. Manifest’s Melissa Roxburgh Talks Tricky Triangles, New Twist in Mystery by Matt Webb Mitovich (November 11, 2018)

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