Ben’s DHS Walk-In (106.18)

106.18 SYNOPSIS: Ben decides to confront Director Vance about the missing passengers and everything he knows, but Vance continues to deny it. Ben doesn’t care either way because he will go to the press with what he knows. Vance decides to follow up on this lead, because it’s all they have got.—>

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Before meeting with Vance

Scene shifts to outside the DHS building at a security post.

BEN: No, I don’t care if I need an appointment. I want to speak with Deputy Director Vance right now.

DHS POLICE: Sir, I’m gonna ask you one last time, please step back.

Director Vance is watching and listening to Ben via the camera surveillance videos.

BEN: Look, tell him it’s Ben Stone from Flight 828, and if he won’t see me, I’m gonna go public with what I know.

DHS POLICE: Stay where you are. No sudden moves. [ON THE RADIO] Yeah, sir? Yeah, we have a walk-in here at the east entrance.

BEN: Come on, Vance!

VANCE (TO POWELL): Have them put him in a room.

Marko and the others…

Ben is in the room with Director Vance sitting across a table from him.

BEN: You son of a bitch, you took those people. And whatever you’re doing to them, it’s killing my son.

VANCE: Killing? Wha Slow down a minute, now. What?

BEN: Marko and the others, you’re keeping them prisoner up at that farm. My sister was just there! And that that is a passenger. Lena Rasmussen, seat 32-F. You took her and the others, put them on that bus, and made them disappear.

VANCE: What is he talking about?

POWELL: No idea.

BEN: I want to see Marko Valeriev, now.

POWELL: Another one of the passengers, Bulgarian.

AGENT: We’ve been unable to locate him.

BEN: Come on, what is this, a bit? Are you guys role-playing?

The stare


Ben gives Director Vance a long stare.

VANCE: Stone, I’m a seasoned United States intelligence officer. Do you really think you can stare me down?

Kelly and Bethany…

BEN: I will go to the press about everything how you stole Kelly’s body, had Bethany thrown in jail, – had every foreign national.

VANCE: Bethany Collins is in jail because she violated federal law. A-A-And stealing a corpse?  You hear yourself? This isn’t “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

BEN: I don’t believe you [TO POWELL], and I certainly don’t believe you [TO VANCE]. I mean, we have photographic proof, and still, you insist on denying it!

Ben picks up the photo taken by Michaela and throws it at Vance.

VANCE: Mr. Stone, this may as well be a picture of Bigfoot.

POWELL: Be happy to look into it. I don’t expect we’d find anything.

BEN: Let me just ask is it just the NSA, or is the whole government in on it?

VANCE [TO POWELL]: See him out.

BEN: I’m gonna get to the bottom of this, and when I do—

VANCE: Thank you very much, Mr. Stone.

BEN: The truth will come out.


After meeting with Vance

Ben leaves the office, escorted out. [Door shuts]

VANCE: Get me the file on the list of passengers that he had on his phone.

POWELL: You believe all that? I can’t get a straight answer from DoD, from Homeland, from DARPA. I don’t know what to believe.

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