Unified Dynamic Systems (106.19)

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About Jared and Michaela

Scene shifts to Michaela’s desk at the 129th Police Precinct where she is browsing the pages of a website showing photos of “The Passengers of Montego Air Flight 828”. Jared approaches her.

JARED: Look, I know you’ve never been big on sharing, but you didn’t have to keep this from me. I would’ve understood.

MICHAELA: How? I don’t understand it, and it’s happening to me.

JARED: Come on, Mick, that’s a cop-out. You could’ve let me in. You’ve known me almost half your life, and I’ve never once betrayed your trust.

MICHAELA: Yeah, you’re right, but things are a little different now.

JARED: You’re not seriously thinking about going back there, are you? Pull in Riojas and notify the feds.

About U.D.S.

MICHAELA: The feds are in on it. Look at this. The farm that we were at was bank owned for years until two weeks ago, when it was purchased by a subsidiary of a holding company whose only shareholder is Unified Dynamic Systems.

JARED: UDS, the company that makes microwaves and washing machines.

MICHAELA: Yeah, and jet engines and mouthwash and life insurance. They are a multi-billion-dollar company with a ton of government contracts.

JARED: You think they kidnap people?

MICHAELA: You tell me. According to the DMV, the buses that relocated the passengers from the plane were contracted to the government by

JARED: Unified Dynamic Systems.

MICHAELA: Everything that I am coming across points back to UDS. They’re the ones who made the passengers disappear.

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