Investigative Minds (106.2)

106.2 SYNOPSIS: Director Vance watches a group of scientists debate what happened to Flight 828 with no real consensus between them. They decide to keep their new asset Jared a secret from the other agencies.—>

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Scene switches to an auditorium where a panel of five scientists are seated at a table at a “Flight 828 Investigative Forum.” One of the scientists is speaking. 

SCIENTIST ONE: Sure, scientifically, the potential for a highly localized discontinuity in space could lead to teleportation, but you have to understand, the structure of that airplane would’ve had to withstand extreme forces far in excess of what it was designed to withstand—

MODERATOR: So you’re saying it wasn’t a wormhole?

SCIENTIST ONE: I’m not in the business of saying what things aren’t. I’m just saying there are other possibilities.

SCIENTIST TWO: Of course it’s a wormhole.

SCIENTIST ONE: We have to consider that the laws of physics as we know them may not apply.

MODERATOR: Let’s talk about that.

Government bureaucrats

Camera pans to an area in the rear of the auditorium.

VANCE: Finest minds in the scientific community, and they can’t even come to a consensus on the ground rules.

POWELL: Sixth panel we’ve held on this. Pretty much par for the course. Did you see the report from DARPA?

VANCE: The one they tried to bury in 1,000 pages of inconclusive test results? Bureaucratic oversight my ass.

POWELL: Can always count on DoD for some counterproductive territorialism.

VANCE: Tell the directors I want to see the reports the day they’re published, not buried in some document dump. Supposed to be a joint investigation, not some inter-agency sack race.

POWELL: Along those lines, sir, should I make the other agencies aware we’re developing a man on the inside.

VANCE: No, no, not yet. Let’s see how useful Detective Vasquez proves to be first.

POWELL: You really think he’s gonna be straight with us? They used to be engaged.

VANCE: I expect he’s gonna lie his ass off, and when he does, we’ve got enough dirt on him to make his life very difficult.

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