Feeling It for Grace (106.21)

106.21 SYNOPSIS: Grace questions Saanvi’s decision for her son when he starts to have a seizure. She demands antibiotics for her son, but Saanvi reveals that they won’t work because the seizure was caused by a viral infection. Grace breaks down, but thankfully Cal is saved after Marko’s experiments are finished for the time being.—>

Script & Commentary

While Grace is talking to Saanvi in Cal’s hospital room, alarms start going off. Cal’s heart rate is 100, 106, 116.. Cal is screaming. 

GRACE: What’s happening?

SAANVI: His heart rate is spiking. I need Dr. Williams in Cal Stone’s room now.

Cal groans.

DR. WILLIAMS: What can we do?

SAANVI: Pulse is at 122.

DR. WILLIAMS: Get me another line. I need to push some fluids.

Cal makes a terrible noise.

GRACE: Something’s wrong.

DR. WILLIAMS: Help me get him on his side.

Scene shifts to Marko Valeriev who is shaking violently while being hooked up to a machine.

SCIENTIST: Charge level?

CLINICIAN: 70%, and he’s already seizing. Any more could kill him.

SCIENTIST: Reduce by 5%. If he spikes, abort.

Back in Cal’s hospital room…

GRACE: What is happening?

DR. WILLIAMS: He’s having a febrile seizure.

GRACE: Give him the medicine.


GRACE: Give him the antibiotics, now.

SAANVI: Grace, no, if he is seizing, that means the infection is viral. Antibiotics won’t help him.

GRACE: I’m done with you.

GRACE [TO DR. WILLIAMS]: Please, give it to him.

SAANVI: Grace, listen to me. Antibiotics aren’t going to help him, and even if, by some miracle, they do, I can tell you 100%. Cardoso is gonna kick Cal out of the study for deviating from the control group. His treatment will end. His cancer will come back.

We watch Cal lay in bed as scene cuts to scene with Marko Valeriev where the noise of the machine he is hooked up to begins to lessen, and then stops. 

SAANVI: Look, see? He’s coming out of it. Ben is the only shot that Cal has. Give him a chance. Please.

GRACE: Okay.

//Commercial Break//

Grace is in room with Cal when hospital staff knocks at the door.

WOMAN: Sorry to bother. Dr. Williams said you probably hadn’t eaten all day.

GRACE: Oh. Thank you.

WOMAN: One for your husband?

GRACE: He’s not here. Do you mind Could you just stay with him? I just need to—

Grace walks out of the room and finds a bathroom, where after closing the door, bangs her hand against it. She begins to cry. 

WOMAN: Mrs. Stone?

GRACE: It’s occupied!

WOMAN: Mrs. Stone, he’s waking up.

Grace runs out the bathroom toward Cal’s room.

WOMAN: I called for Dr. Williams. She should be th—

GRACE: Cal? Cal? Cal. Can you hear me?

Cal’s eyes are open. Scene cuts to Marko Vaeriev who is no longer connected to the machine.

DR. WILLIAMS: His fever broke.

CAL: Mom.

GRACE: Hi. I’m here.

GRACE [TO DR. WILLIAMS]: What happened?

DR. WILLIAMS: He got lucky. His body must’ve fought off the infection.

Scene shifts back to the barn behind the red door.

SCIENTIST: Is he conscious?


Clinician places a small round bandage on a needle mark on Marko Valeriev’s arm. 

SCIENTIST: Put him with the others. Collect your files. We’re on the move.

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