Breaking Point (106.21)

106.21 SYNOPSIS: Grace breaks down, but thankfully Cal is saved after Marko’s experiments are finished for the time being.—>

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Feeling for Grace


Grace is in room with Cal when hospital staff knocks at the door.

WOMAN: Sorry to bother. Dr. Williams said you probably hadn’t eaten all day.

GRACE: Oh. Thank you.

WOMAN: One for your husband?

GRACE: He’s not here. Do you mind Could you just stay with him? I just need to—

Grace walks out of the room and finds a bathroom, where after closing the door, bangs her hand against it. She begins to cry. 

WOMAN: Mrs. Stone?

GRACE: It’s occupied!

WOMAN: Mrs. Stone, he’s waking up.

Cal’s fever breaks

Grace runs out the bathroom toward Cal’s room.

WOMAN: I called for Dr. Williams. She should be th—

GRACE: Cal? Cal? Cal. Can you hear me?

Cal’s eyes are open. Scene cuts to Marko Vaeriev who is no longer connected to the machine.

DR. WILLIAMS: His fever broke.

CAL: Mom.

GRACE: Hi. I’m here.

GRACE [TO DR. WILLIAMS]: What happened?

DR. WILLIAMS: He got lucky. His body must’ve fought off the infection.

Scene shifts back to the barn behind the red door.

SCIENTIST: Is he conscious?


Behind the red door

Clinician places a small round bandage on a needle mark on Marko Valeriev’s arm. 

SCIENTIST: Put him with the others. Collect your files. We’re on the move.

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One thought on “Breaking Point (106.21)

  1. GRACE: [TO DR. WILLIAMS]: Please, give it to him.

    SAANVI: Grace, listen to me. Antibiotics aren’t going to help him, and even if, by some miracle, they do, I can tell you 100%. Cardoso is gonna kick Cal out of the study for deviating from the control group. His treatment will end. His cancer will come back.

    GRACE: [TO DR. WILLIAMS]: What happened?

    DR. WILLIAMS: He got lucky. His body must’ve fought off the infection.

    Yeah, Grace. Cal got lucky. He was lucky that Saanvi is more intelligent and compassionate than you . Left to you, Cal’s cancer would have returned … and then you would have blamed Ben for your decision to end Cal’s life.

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