All Passengers Accounted (106.22)

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A Partridge in a pear tree

Scene shifts to government office, where Vance is looking at the photo of Lena Rasmussen outside the red door to the barn. There is a knock on the door. 

VANCE: Come.

AGENT: Homeland sent over the 11 passenger dossiers you requested.

POWELL: Five foreign nationals repatriated to their countries of origin, three people in the hospital listed as receiving inpatient care.

AGENT: One in the Bureau prisons custody for an outstanding warrant two with no next of kin.

VANCE: And a partridge in a pear tree.

Hearing hoofbeats and thinking Zebras

POWELL: According to DHS, everyone on Ben Stone’s list has been accounted for.

VANCE: This woman Michaela Stone photographed, who is she?

POWELL: I have no idea, but it sure seems like the Stones are hearing hoofbeats and thinking zebras.

Karasjok, Norway

VANCE: Thank you. Subject:  828 passenger, Lena Rasmussen. Observed today, 0600 hours, exiting residence in Karasjok, Norway.

POWELL: Where the hell’s Karasjok?

VANCE: 200 miles inside the Arctic Circle. This look like the same person to you?

POWELL: Might be.

VANCE: Well, that sure as hell ain’t Norway. All right, time for a road trip.

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2 thoughts on “All Passengers Accounted (106.22)

  1. Karasjok is the “capital” of the Laplanders of Norway. 2701 inhabitants.

  2. Lena Rasmussen was one of the passengers who were kidnapped, held hostage, and physically tortured by employees of the Singularity Project. She was later rescued and relocated to Fiona Clarke’s safe house.

    When last seen, Lena was in a catatonic state … in need of specialized medical care. Where is she and the other passengers/patients who require medical care now?

    And why has no one been held responsible for happened to Lena and the other tortured souls? The Major may be an expert and experienced at carrying out illegal activities and hiding secrets; but Lena Rasmussen’s story isn’t a secret that can be kept hidden forever.

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