All that Matters (106.23)

106.23 SYNOPSIS: When Ben returns, Grace chastises him for leaving her alone when she needed him.—>

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Never again leave me alone


Ben enters Cal’s hospital room.

BEN: How is he?

GRACE: His fever’s broken.

BEN: Without antibiotics?

GRACE: What did you do?

BEN: Nothing helpful.

GRACE: Well, he’s better.

BEN: For now.

GRACE: You left me alone when I needed you. You can’t ever do that again.

BEN: I’m sorry.


Don’t make me read your mind

Ben and Grace fall asleep with Cal between them.


🎵 Don’t make me read your mind 🎵
🎵 You should know me better than that 🎵
🎵 It takes me too much time 🎵
🎵 You should know me better than that 🎵

Jared working at his desk. 

Michaela looks into the window of Cal’s room and see’s Grace with him.

Ben gives a cactus to Saanvi.


Cal is Okay


Ben gives Saanvi a cactus plant.

BEN: Shouldn’t be too hard to keep alive. Doesn’t even need water.

MICHAELA: You guys, what happened here today?

SAANVI: Cal is better. That’s all that matters.

BEN: Yeah, but how? We were so convinced we needed to help Marko in order to save Cal, but we didn’t. We failed a calling.

SAANVI: Maybe we were wrong about the calling.

BEN: What about his nightmares, the red door? I mean, you can’t tell me this isn’t about Marko or one of the other passengers.

SAANVI: And yet Cal is okay. We get to count this one into the win column.

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