It’s Not Over (106.24)

106.24 SYNOPSIS: Director Vance is told that all the passengers are accounted for, but he is suspicious. He heads upstate to the facility. Michaela, Ben and Saanvi discuss the events of the day and Ben decides the best course of action is to find Marko. Vance arrives to find the place has been cleared out except for a fresh bloodied bandage. The episode ends as Unified Dynamic Systems sets up their new base of operations with Marko and the other passengers as the lead scientist tells his superiors that they will be back up and running in no time.—>

Script & Commentary

BEN: Shouldn’t be too hard to keep alive. Doesn’t even need water.

MICHAELA: You guys, what happened here today?

SAANVI: Cal is better. That’s all that matters.

BEN: Yeah, but how? We were so convinced we needed to help Marko in order to save Cal, but we didn’t. We failed a calling.

SAANVI: Maybe we were wrong about the calling.

BEN: What about his nightmares, the red door? I mean, you can’t tell me this isn’t about Marko or one of the other passengers.

SAANVI: And yet Cal is okay. We get to count this one into the win column.

MICHAELA: We still don’t know how the callings work. Maybe rescuing Marko wasn’t the objective. Maybe it was something we did along the way.

BEN: I don’t know. I have a feeling this isn’t over. I think we’re still supposed to find Marko.

SAANVI: I’m guessing you got a game plan for that?

BEN: And to think you just met me.

Scene shifts to a caravan of black vehicles leaving the barn site. We then see Director Vance and Deputy Powell enter the barn.

VANCE: This looks like the red door from the photograph.

POWELL: What’d I tell you? Ben Stone’s putting you on. I don’t know what his angle is, but there are no passengers here.

VANCE: Maybe, maybe not. I had to make a lot of stuff disappear in my life. If I had to do it, it’d look a lot like this.

POWELL: And if there was never anyone here, what would it look like?

Vance shines his flashlight on the floor and notices a small round band aid with blood on it. He picks it up.

VANCE: It wouldn’t look like this. Huh, still fresh.

Scene then shifts to a new location where the eleven passengers had been taken.

MARKO VALERIEV: I was in the hospital. I said, “Mama, please hurry.” They were worried.

SCIENTIST [ON PHONE]: No, ma’am, the subjects have been removed from the protocol. We had to terminate the experiment because somebody in the NSA started poking around. But the disruption was only temporary.

We see Marco Valeriev’s face, and then Cal’s face, before returning to the scientist.  

SCIENTIST: We just need to get the equipment set up, and we’ll be back up and running in no time.

Camera zooms slightly in on Cal’s face.

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