Beautiful Mind (106.5)

106.5 SYNOPSIS: Ben, Michaela and Saanvi realize that what’s happening to Cal must be another calling from the mysterious voice. They find out the man was a Bulgarian national with Saanvi realizing a woman helped him on the plane named Anna Ross.—>

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Discerning the call

Scene switches to the hospital waiting room.

MICHAELA: Yeah, I mean, of course it’s a calling. Cal doesn’t speak other languages.

SAANVI: I don’t know. Maybe he heard the same person I did on the plane.

BEN: What, he’s now having nightmares in that same language? No, this is this is not a coincidence. It’s not a virus. We’ve had shared thoughts before, but Cal’s illness, he’s just not as strong as the other passengers. This calling is connected to what’s making him sick.

The man

MICHAELA: Okay, who was this person that was speaking another language on the plane?

SAANVI: He was just a guy who needed help filling out his customs form.

MICHAELA: What did he look like?

SAANVI: I don’t know.

BEN: Wait, I may have a picture.

SAANVI: Average build, dark hair, he sat one or two rows ahead of me.

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The manifest

Ben grabs his iPad Pro.

BEN: Any of these familiar?

MICHAELA: That’s my bro. “Beautiful Mind,” travel edition.

On the screen is a diagram of Flight 828 manifest list with thumbnails of passenger’s photos representing seats on the airplane.

SAANVI: Wow, you collected all this?

She has a brief flashback of the Bulgarian man asking her a question.

SAANVI: Oh, here. [Seat] 7-F.

A larger picture of the man pops up.

MICHAELA: I recognize him from the hangar. Um, he’s Eastern European or something?

The missing passengers

BEN: Bulgarian. Marko Valeriev. Ah, damn it, he’s one of the people I haven’t been able to track down.

MICHAELA: Wait, seriously? This is the most watched group of people on the planet. You can’t find anything on him?

BEN: I know. It seems odd, but there are a handful of people I haven’t been able to place, mostly foreign nationals or people who presumably went into hiding after Kelly’s murder.

SAANVI: Can you blame them?

MICHAELA: Still, this is the one person who can help us shed light on Cal’s illness, and we can’t find him. You got to be able to remember something else about him. Did he say anything?

The woman

SAANVI: Okay, there was a woman behind me, helped him fill out his customs form. She was an older woman.

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MICHAELA: Okay, well, customs forms require a local address, so if she helped him fill it out, then maybe she might know where he is.

A picture of her pops up on Ben’s iPad Pro.

BEN: Anna Ross. Translator.


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