Motel Living (106.6)

106.6 SYNOPSIS: Michaela meets up with the woman who discusses that she saw Marko get onto a bus to one of the government shelters set up for passengers with no place to go. She learns that the phrase Cal has been saying is “help me” in Bulgarian.—>

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Checking in

Scene shifts to the Metro Value Inn where Michaela is having coffee with Anna Ross. They are seated at a table. 

MICHAELA: It was, um, “pom-og nay-mee” or something like that.

ANNA ROSS: This was your nephew speaking?


ANNA ROSS: “Pomogni mi.” It means “help me” in Bulgarian.

A gentleman walking behind Anna bumps into her seat.

GENTLEMAN: Excuse me. Sorry.

ANNA ROSS: Yeah, motel living. I thought I was coming home to a house in the suburbs, loving husband, but he served me with divorce papers as soon as I stepped foot out of the hangar.

MICHAELA: You want to hear my version? My fiance married my best friend, so—

ANNA ROSS: What is it with men? Five and a half years, they can’t just keep it in their pants? So, how can I help?

Checking out

MICHAELA: I am trying to track down Marko Valeriev. Somebody said they heard him say the same phrase uh, “pomogni mi” on the plane.

ANNA ROSS: Yes, he needed help filling out his forms. Hell, he needed help the entire time we were in the hangar.

MICHAELA: So you guys still kept in touch even after the plane landed?

ANNA ROSS: He was a nice man. I thought he was gonna reach out as soon as we got to the shelters, but, you know, everything else going on.

MICHAELA: Sorry, uh, Marko went to a shelter? It says here that he checked out of the hangar on his own.

ANNA ROSS: No, that’s a mistake. For those of us that didn’t have a place to go, they loaded us onto shuttles, and they took us to government shelters. He got on one of the buses. I watched him get on.

MICHAELA: Can you excuse me a sec?


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