Rabbit Hole (106.7)

106.7 SYNOPSIS: Back at the hospital, Ben reveals to Grace that passengers are getting voices and visions after the flight and he thinks it may be associated with Cal’s fever. She thinks he’s going down another rabbit hole like the last time Cal get sick and ignores what he’s saying. She demands he let this go. —>

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Ben tells Grace about hearing voices

Scene switches to Cal’s hospital room. Grace is at Cal’s side while Ben is ending a phone conversation with Michaela.  

BEN: All right, thanks. Let me know when you find out where they took him.

GRACE: I don’t understand. Why is Michaela trying to track down someone from the plane? What does that have to do with Cal?

Ben does not immediately respond. He just looks out the window.

GRACE: Ben? What are you not telling me?

BEN: I don’t know if I can explain. I don’t think you would believe me if I could. I know I wouldn’t.

GRACE: Have you not been following the news story about the dead people who came back to life on a magic airplane? I’m ready to believe just about anything at this point.

BEN: Grace something happened to us on that flight. It keeps happening. Some people are seeing things, hearing voices.

GRACE: Ben, are you hearing voices?

BEN: You just said you were ready to believe anything.

Grace’s disbelief and demand

GRACE: I am. I’m just I don’t know. I’m I’m trying to wrap my head around this.

BEN: Me too. And I know this sounds impossible, but Cal’s fever, I think it has something to do with what happened on the plane. Please don’t shut down now. Tell me what you’re thinking.

GRACE: The last time Cal got sick, you went down a rabbit hole looking for every remedy, shutting out the world, shutting out me, and so I spiraled and shut you out. I have replayed that again and again in my head over all these years. I want us to be different this time. I need us to be partners.

BEN: We are. I promise. But we need to know what happened on that flight, who’s behind it. Is it the government or one of the other passengers, some, I don’t know, fluke of physics. We need to find out

GRACE: No! We don’t. This is the biggest mystery in the known universe. There are other people trying to figure it out. Let them.

BEN: Grace, I need—

GRACE: Ben, our son is sick. He doesn’t need you to be a scientist right now. He needs you to be his father. I need you to be his father.

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Grace Proves She is a Woman with a Mind of Her Own

Maybe Grace’s decisions are wrong, maybe she only thinks about herself, but whatever it is, unlike most other characters who are literally being driven by a voice that they are interpreting as “Callings”, Grace is the one character who seems to have a mind of her own. She takes the call when she knows it’s the right time and sticks to her decisions (most of the times) in spite of everything…

In spite of the allegations about her cheating on Ben, let’s just admit Grace truly cares for the family. She is not bothered by the mythical voices in Ben’s head but demands him to pay his complete attention to the family which has finally reunited after five and a half years. She wants things to be organized, to be the way they were before and a little distraction from that agitates her to the point where she almost abandons her husband. She wants a quiet domestic life, and will not endure anything that comes to disrupt it even if it includes one of her own family members.

SOURCE: Barnana Sarkar (Meaww.com)

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