Leave Me Out (106.8)

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Jared’s first attempt

Scene switches to Michaela’s desk at the 129th Police Precinct where she and Anna Ross are looking at information on a computer screen. 

MICHAELA: Okay, uh, NYPD duty logs from the time that we were at the hangar.

Jared walks by.

MICHAELA [TO ANNA ROSS]: Just one sec.

She approaches Jared.

JARED: What happened to that personal day?

MICHAELA: Forgot some stuff here. I had to come back and get it.

Jared’s second attempt

JARED: Seriously? Who’s your friend?

MICHAELA: Don’t worry about it.

JARED: What the hell, Michaela? Is Cal even sick?

MICHAELA: Yeah, he is, I swear. I just—

JARED: You swore to me this wasn’t one of your things. But yet here you are digging into something you’re clearly not supposed to. You know what? I don’t care anymore. Do whatever you want. Just leave me out of it.

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