Misplaced Bus (106.9)

106.9 SYNOPSIS: Michaela looks up the logs for passenger buses, but any record of the fifth bus has been removed adding to the mystery of where Marko is. Ben and Saanvi question why the bus went missing and suspect it was full of passengers that no one would miss.—>

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Anna’s persistence

Michaela returns to her desk.

MICHAELA: Okay, according to this, the day that we were released, the NYPD escorted four buses from a hangar to nearby government shelters.

ANNA ROSS: No, not four. There were five.

MICHAELA: One went to FEMA in Long Island. One went to a DHS facility in Lower Manhattan. That’s where you were taken. One went to King’s Point. One went to Fort Lee, New Jersey.

ANNA ROSS: There was one more. I remember distinctly. Marko needed help translating the instructions. He was on bus five.

MICHAELA: Yet, according to this, there was no bus five.

Ben’s conviction

Scene switches to hospital, where Ben is also learning information about the buses.

BEN: News footage doesn’t lie. She’s right, there are clearly five buses here.

SAANVI: How is that even possible? You don’t just misplace a bus.

BEN: You do when you don’t want people to know where it went. The government’s behind this. Look at this. So, I went back over the list of the people I can’t find, and 11 of them, all who supposedly walked out of that hangar, don’t appear anywhere on this news footage. Every single one of them is either a foreign national or someone with no living relatives.

SAANVI: It was people no one was gonna miss.

BEN: That’s who I think they put on that bus.

SAANVI: But why? And where are they gonna go?

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One thought on “Misplaced Bus (106.9)

  1. No record of an alleged misplaced bus? Eleven missing passengers who were either foreign nationals or someone with no living relatives?

    A fully equipped lab set up at a secret location with the specific equipment needed to conduct illegal experiments? And everything taking place less than 2-days after MA828 had returned?

    Someone had done their homework before kidnapping the passengers and setting up the equipment to experiment on them. Did this someone do their homework after MA828 had returned? Or were the kidnappings and experiments planned in advance … before MA828 left Jamaica on April 7, 2013?

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