All in This Together (107.1)

A flashback to Flight 828 gives us a contrast between two passengers. Kelly who is loading her carry on luggage into the plane overhead compartment reacts to what is happening by complaining, and another passenger, Fiona Clarke, who has a different perspective.

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Begin with the known

While the passengers are boarding Flight 828, Kelly struggles to get her luggage into the overhead bin.

KELLY:  Really? What else could go wrong on this flight?

End with the new

A tall woman comes up behind her and pushes her bag into the bin the rest of the way.

FIONA This flight is not happening to you. It’s happening for you.

KELLY: If it was happening for me, it wouldn’t have bumped me from my original flight.

FIONA: Yet here you are. Now we’re all in this together.


First Impressions of Dr. Fiona Clarke

I think we can say with utter certainty that this flight did not help Kelly Taylor in any way, since she was dead within a few days of landing. I hate Fiona Clarke and her smug face already. Fiona is either very strange and rude, or she knows something already. I’m actually going with both. I also think she likes to appear much more mysterious and knowledgeable than she is. Or she likes to play stupid, and she knows a lot.

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