Heartbeat Calling (107.10)

Michaela and Jared receive a radio call from dispatch that there has been a shooting. While Michaela is performing CPR on Enrique, a barber who was shot, she receives a calling (i.e., a heartbeat, and it is not Enrique’s).  

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Jared offers an invitation

Scene shifts to a food stand underneath a bridge in the city.

JARED: Hey, you free to come over for dinner tonight?

MICHAELA: Here you go.

JARED: Lourdes would really like to have you over. Might be good for you to spend some time around some friends for a change.

MICHAELA: Not sure that’s a good idea with everything going on.

JARED: You being led by the voices in your head to blow me off?

MICHAELA: No, that’s just me.

Significance of the bridge in the scene

Bridges are highly symbolic. Just as one crosses a bridge to get from one area to another which otherwise would be inaccessible, this scene introduces a calling (i.e. the heartbeat) which turns out to be an important emotional connection for Michaela, linking what is happening in the present to what happened in the past. By the end of this episode Michaela appears to have “bridged” the gap.

Jared is upfront about NSA

They get into Jared’s undercover police car.

JARED: Are you still hearing them? The voices?

MICHAELA: I don’t know, but look, if you’re worried about me messing up again, it’s not gonna happen, okay? At least not in a way that affects you.

JARED: It’s you that I’m worried about, Mick. The NSA is watching you.

MICHAELA: How do you know that? ‘

JARED: Cause they’ve been all over me, making sure I keep an eye on you. I haven’t told them anything, and I never will.

MICHAELA: Thank you.

Jared and Michaela respond to a shooting

POLICE RADIO: All units be advised, 10-10. Shots fired at Enrique’s barbershop. Corner of Brooke and 20th.

MICHAELA: That’s right around the corner.

JARED: Yeah. Detective Unit Three in proximity and responding.

They pull up in front of a barber shop as a young man comes out the door.

CARLOS: No! No! Some tweaker just shot my uncle! He ran off up the block!

JARED: What’d he look like?

CARLOS: He’s got a red hoodie! He was twitching like crazy!

JARED: I’ll call a bus.

MICHAELA: Where’s your uncle?

Michaela tries to save Enrique

Scene switches to inside the barbershop.

CARLOS: Oh, man, Enrique!

MICHAELA: Go get some clean towels now.

Michaela begins CPR.

CARLOS: Do you have a pulse?!

MICHAELA: Not yet. Put pressure on the wound.

CARLOS: I told him to give the junkie the money he wanted, but he wouldn’t.


CARLOS: What’s happening?! What’s happening?

MICHAELA: I-I don’t know. I’m hearing a heartbeat, but I’m not feeling a pulse.

CARLOS: Enrique!

MICHAELA: Come on. Come on. Save him. Save him.

CARLOS: No! No, Enrique! No, no.


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