Justice? (107.11)

Carlos, Enrique’s nephew, is hesitant to ID the suspect.

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Michaela empathizes with Carlos

Scene shifts to Michaela’s desk at the police precinct.

MICHAELA: This was the last hot chocolate in the break room. I’m gonna deny I gave that to you, okay?

CARLOS: Look, I don’t understand why he had to die.

MICHAELA: I’m sorry, Carlos. You guys were close?

CARLOS: See, my uncle took me in after my mother died. I was a sick little kid. I needed major surgery. I almost didn’t make it. He helped me get better. You see, the money he wouldn’t give up, it was to polish up the shop for me to take over soon. He gave me a life.

MICHAELA: I know what it’s like to lose somebody. You’re destroyed, like a building imploded. But one day, slowly, you will start to build yourself back up, brick by brick.

CARLOS: You finished building?

MICHAELA: Not even close.

Michaela recognizes her pain in Carlos’ loss

As bricks are to building, a beating heart is to loving. It’s no coincidence that Michaela receives the calling of a “heartbeat” at the same time Jared and Lourdes are trying to rebuild their relationship with Michaela, all the while Michaela tries to understand Evie’s death. In this scene, she is able to empathize with Carlos (although she waits until later that evening to tell him about the way she felt after Evie died). The challenge for both of them is how do they live through it, rather than pass it on to someone else and/or be destroyed by it?

The day’s line-up brings no justice

Scene shifts to the line up room at the precinct. The suspect and four fillers—men of similar height, build, and complexion wearing red jackets stand side-by-side. Carlos is with Michaela and Jared behind a one way mirror.

MICHAELA: It’s okay. Take your time.

CARLOS: I can’t do it.

JARED: Yes, you can. Carlos, this man is dangerous, a killer. We’re still coming up short on the weapon, so he’ll do it again if you don’t stop him.

MICHAELA: This is the only way you’re gonna get justice for your uncle.

Carlos runs out.

An evening line-up looms

JARED: People freeze up. Panic.

MICHAELA: Which one was it?

JARED: Second from the right. No one’s processing his release tonight. We’ll talk to Carlos in the morning, and hopefully, he’ll turn.

MICHAELA: Yeah, hopefully.

JARED: What is it?

MICHAELA: I don’t know, there’s something about this kid. I need to help him. Have a good night.

JARED: Did you forget about dinner? I already told Lourdes you’re in.

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