Revenge? (107.14)

Michaela goes to Carlos’ house and wants him to open up to her. She suspects that he is hiding the shooter’s gun and wants to kill him. That is why he didn’t ID him earlier, he wants revenge, not justice. When Carlos says he has no life, Michaela tells him she is haunted every day for having killed Evie. But it was an accident, unlike what Carlos is planning.

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Carlos’ heart hardened

Scene shift to Carlos’ front porch. Michaela knocks on the door. The address number to Carlos’ residence is 31 81.  

MICHAELA: Carlos, open up.

The door opens.

CARLOS: What do you want?

MICHAELA: Same thing that I wanted earlier positive ID on your uncle’s killer.

CARLOS: I told you I wasn’t sure.

Carlos’ heart softened

MICHAELA: Yeah, you also said that you don’t think you saw a gun.

CARLOS: ‘Cause I didn’t.

MICHAELA: We didn’t find a gun, Carlos, because you found it first. You stashed it away, failed to make an ID. Soon enough, that perp’s back out on the street, at which point you take him out with his own gun.

CARLOS: You got no proof.

MICHAELA: No, I don’t. I also don’t have a search warrant, but I could get one. And if something happens, I now have a primary suspect. Don’t do this. Don’t throw your life away for revenge.

CARLOS: What life? I’m all alone.

MICHAELA: I know that feeling, okay? I also know what it’s like to take someone’s life because I did by accident. It haunts me every single day. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to do that on purpose.

Michaela goes deeper with Carlos

Having first shown empathy to Carlos at the police station, she waits until now to tell him about the way she felt after Evie died.

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