Confronting Fiona (107.16)

Ben and Saanvi learn that Fiona was approached by a non-profit interested in funding her mind-body research. She denies, however, having any knowledge about detained passengers.

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Fiona unaware of callings


Scene shifts to after the lecture outside the auditorium. Fiona Clarke approaches Ben and Saanvi

FIONA CLARKE: We’ve certainly generated plenty of notoriety. I imagine we could all go on tour. Thanks for waiting.

SAANVI: Speaking of, you said that you were waiting for us. What did you mean by that?

FIONA CLARKE: In the wake of any traumatic event, it’s inevitable the participants eventually seek each other out.

BEN: So, it has nothing to do with you experiencing a calling.

FIONA CLARKE: I’m sorry, a-a calling?

SAANVI: That’s our own shorthand for some of the visions and voices some of the passengers have been receiving.

FIONA CLARKE: Have they, indeed?

Fiona unaware of detained passengers

BEN: Why don’t you just tell us exactly how you’re involved with the government secretly detaining 11 passengers from our flight.

FIONA CLARKE: Forgive my abundance of ignorance, but detained passengers? Detained when?

SAANVI: There are 11 people from our flight who still remain unaccounted for.

BEN: Who we think are being experimented on. It’s being tracked in a classified database with your name all over it. Who are you working for?

SAANVI: And what does the Mirror Factor have to do with it all?

FIONA CLARKE: Well, uh four days after we returned, I was approached by a non-profit interested in funding my mind-body research. They put me on retainer, underwrote tonight’s lecture. No one mentioned a word about government affiliation, let alone d-detained passengers.

SAANVI: What’s the non-profit called?

FIONA CLARKE: The Singularity Project.

BEN: SP. It’s time to go play some poker. It could be my way into the Singularity Project.

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