Late Night Poker (107.17)

Ben plays poker with his coworkers to see if he can learn more about Fiona’s Singularity Project. While placing one of his bets, someone says, “Think too long, thing wrong.”

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Ronnie speaks what he sees

Scene shifts to inside the JP Williamson office building where office staff are playing poker.

RONNIE WILCOX: That’s the river card, and it’s down to two. We got Passenger Ben Stone, fresh from his alien abduction and David James, an insignificantly small cog in the I.T. machinery.

DAVID JONES: I’m sorry you got to work with him.

BEN: Thank you, thank you.

Ben thinks what to bid

Scene shifts to later in the night.

DAVID JONES: Think too long, you think wrong.

Ben places his bet.

RONNIE WILCOX: Ooh. He calls. All right, let’s see them. Turn them, same time. Oh! – And Ben takes it!

David acts on Ben’s bidding


BEN: Come on. Poker’s a game of probability. Math helps me.

DAVID JONES: Oh, another accounting guy that thinks I.T. is less rigorous than math.

BEN: Dude, not at all. In fact, I can’t imagine handling all that data coming in. You know, the security, the storage.

DAVID JONES: Some respect, finally. Hey, you should see some of these raw data dumps from these massive companies. It’s incomprehensible, but trippy.

BEN: I’d like to, actually. Hook me up.

DAVID JONES: All right.

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