The Dad Factor (107.18)

Ben checks in with Olive and Ben, reminding us that despite what is happening at work, he is more a father than a spy.

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Ben looks back to spur Olive


Scene shifts to the next morning at the Stone house.

BEN: Hey. How was the climb?

OLIVE: I quit. It’s too hard.

BEN: Too hard? Huh. Well, harder than riding down Tait Hill with no hands? You busted your lip three times. You didn’t quit until you nailed it.

OLIVE: How do you remember stuff like that?

BEN: I’m your dad. I remember everything. Your mom told me climbing really helped you when things weren’t going so good.

OLIVE: Well, that’s a polite way of putting it.

BEN: I’m just saying, you’re great now, so I’m a big fan of whatever got you here, okay?

OLIVE: Okay.

They embrace.

OLIVE: Thank you, Dad.


Ben looks ahead to spur Cal

Ben checks in with Cal as he enters kitchen. 

BEN: Hey, bud. Doing okay? You want me to bring you some breakfast upstairs?

CAL: I feel him even more now. That man things are getting worse for him.

BEN: Listen last night I found out a secret, and that secret makes us so close to finding Marko and making him safe. We’re so close, Cal.

Ben kisses his son on the forehead.

BEN: We’re so close.

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One thought on “The Dad Factor (107.18)

  1. Ben is thinking peace at home until he solves Cal’s problem. Ben’s mind is all about structure, sorting priority and problem solving. Not making an issue made Grace happy, and his little talk of encouragement with Olive was another positive step in “dad always making things right” from the flashback episode, in reestablishing their bond. 2 positives and no real harm – at the moment. He has time to deal with Danny as July approaches. And Olive didn’t give Danny permission to come to her soccer game as he pushed to do.

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