Carlos Comes Clean (107.19)

Carlos comes clean handing the gun of the shooter over to Michaela, but just after the suspect was released.

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Jared doubts Michaela’s tactics

Scene shifts to the police precinct.

JARED: You okay? You ran out of dinner pretty fast last night.

MICHAELA: I had a thought on the case, and I wanted to follow up.

JARED: So, that thought on our case was?

MICHAELA: Carlos is planning a revenge kill, and I think he still has the gun.

JARED: Possible. Let’s get a warrant.

MICHAELA: I went there last night.

JARED: Please tell me you did not conduct an unwarranted search for that gun.

MICHAELA: No, I just asked him about it.

JARED: Oh, you asked him. How’d that go?

MICHAELA: I think he’ll come around.

JARED: So much for pulling a warrant. You realize if he had that gun, it’s long gone by now. You realize that, right? See, this is what I’m talking about. Those voices in your head getting in the way, making you go s—

Carlos proves Michaela right

Carlos walks toward them with the gun wrapped in a package. 

JARED: I’ll be damned.

He hands the package to Michaela who hands it to Jared.

CARLOS: I’m ready.

MICHAELA: Diaz, we’re ready to make the ID.

DIAZ: Love to help you with that, but your suspect’s been cut loose. Needed the cell. We had nothing on him, guys. Couldn’t keep him forever.

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