Cal’s Discharge (107.2)

Cal has had a fever for the last two days is discharged from the hospital. He believes something bad is going to happen to him.  He is under doctor’s order to chill out. Ben tells him not to worry; he has a plan.

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Cal’s worry

Scene switches to Cal’s hospital room where Ben is at his bedside. 

BEN: Hey, bud, how you feeling?

CAL: I’m scared. I still feel him.

BEN: Marko?

CAL: I think something bad is gonna happen. To him and me.

BEN: Hey, I’ve got this. Okay? I’ve got a plan. That’s my boy.

CAL: I want to go home.

Ben kisses his son on the forehead.

Saanvi’s orders

Scene switches to later that morning in the hospital waiting room. Cal is being discharged.

SAANVI: Hey! So, you are under doctor orders to chill out all day.

CAL: Okay.

SAANVI: Okay, and remember, if you feel bad, your mom and dad can call me any time.

GRACE: Come on. Let’s get you a treat before we get out of here.

BEN: I’ll meet you down.

Grace leaves with Cal.

SAANVI: I wouldn’t discharge him if he wasn’t better.

BEN: Better enough to go home, but he’s not out of the woods. He’s still feeling Marko, which means whatever happens to Marko will happen to Cal.

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