Rock Climbing II (107.20)

Olive proves she is not a quitter by showing up the next day at the rock climbing gym, and tells Danny that she likes spending time with him. 

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Olive tries again

Scene shifts to the rock climbing center.

DANNY: Hey, you ready to try again?

OLIVE: I thought you might’ve bailed.

DANNY: I said I’d be here. I’ll never lie to you.

Olive opens up

OLIVE: I lied to you. I never wanted to climb Acadia or anything.

DANNY: So why did you train so hard?

OLIVE: Because I like spending time with you.

Why Olive Needs Danny

Danny is the one person who’s always been Olive’s, who wasn’t wrapped up in her little brother’s cancer or disappearance or return from the dead. He just cares about her for her, not because she’s Cal’s sister, and he doesn’t get distracted by Cal’s needs, like Ben and Grace. She has a legitimate reason for wanting to keep him in her life. She would feel like a terrible person for complaining that her parents were ignoring her to take care of Cal. By having Danny as a third parent, just for her, she’s found a solution to that problem.

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Olive is no quitter

DANNY: Back at ya. And it’s no big deal. Forget Acadia.

OLIVE: No, we’re doing it.

DANNY: Excuse me?

OLIVE: I’m not a quitter, and I’m pretty good at this.

DANNY: Eh, you’re okay. Well, what are we waiting for? – Let’s do it.

OLIVE: Okay.

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