Data Dump (107.21)

After Ben dumps coffee on the I.T. guy to gain access to the data dump on the company’s server, he gets dumped on when  Vance shows up wanting him to hand over the thumb-drive.

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Super excitement

DAVID JONES: Hey! ‘Sup, Stone?

BEN: I am gonna need like six of these to offset last night.

DAVID JONES: Nice. Hey, super excited to show you our sequence systems.

BEN: I’m excited to nerd out on it. I actually took some computer science in college.

Super spill

Ben spills coffee on David’s lap.

BEN: Oh! – I’m I’m so I’m so sorry.

DAVID JONES: It’s okay. It’s, uh, not that hot.

BEN: Uh, do you have any paper towels?

DAVID JONES: Uh, no, but I have some gym clothes in the car.

BEN: Dude, I-I’m so sorry.

DAVID JONES: It’s okay. I’ll be right back. Ugh. Ugh.

Super jackpot (and stupid!)

When David leaves Ben unattended in his office, Ben runs a search on the company’s database for “Unified Dynamic Systems farm in New York” and accesses the Singular Projects data dump (over 4 GB) downloading it onto a flashdrive. He sends Saanvi a text message, a follow up to his last text, “Jackpot on SP”.  It reads, “Downloading now.”

Ben breaks first rule of corporate espionage

Ben, Ben, Ben. The first rule of corporate espionage is you don’t communicate about the espionage through easily surveilled methods. There’s no excuse for a data security expert (cf. as shown on resume in 103.26) not knowing this, since the data has been easy to wirelessly remove from cell phones for as long as there have been cell phones (that’s since the 90s)… Common sense still applies, when you know you’re being watched, probably by multiple government agencies.

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Super surveillance

The NSA intercepts his text.

POWELL: Want me to send a team?


Scene shifts to the end of Ben’s shift. He is in the lobby of the building walking toward exit when he notices that employees are being checked and scanned with metal detectors at the door. He gets in line, and while waiting puts the thumbnail inside his metal water container. 

RONNIE WILCOX: Yo, bro! [to WOMAN BEHIND BEN] Yo Hey, excuse me. [to BEN] Thanks for saving my spot.

BEN: Yeah. So, uh, what’s the deal?

RONNIE WILCOX: Ah, just a rando spot check. All the Fortune 500s do it, Rip Van Winkle.

Ben receives a text message from an unknown source. It reads “Walk to your left.” He receives another text, “Now”

RONNIE WILCOX: Gap in the line there, Benmeister.

BEN: You know what? I’m gonna use the head.


He walks down a hall and looks right, and sees Vance.

BEN: What are you doing here?

VANCE: Corporate espionage is a felony, Mr. Stone. Where is it? Shoe? No. Thermos. That’s clever. Thing is, I’m pretty clever too.

BEN: How did you?

VANCE: I’m a deputy director of the National Security Agency, Ben. It’s, you know, kind of what we do. Hand it over.

BEN: Come on. You don’t understand. This data can get me to the detainees, which might be the only way to protect my son.

VANCE: This is not a negotiation. You can either hand over the flash drive, or you can be under arrest. You’re a math guy. Not much of a calculus.

Ben hands over the drive to Vance. Vance then walks away.

BEN: Vance Vance, you have to find them! Vance!

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3 thoughts on “Data Dump (107.21)

  1. I’m still really enjoying this show despite the fact that there are things about it that drive me crazy. If someone who had disappeared for 5 years under Bens circumstances started working where I do , I would imagine he’d be the most popular person there. He probably couldn’t make a move without someone noticing him. You’d think everyone would want to talk to him or at least get a look at him. Which brings up another point …. why aren’t these people being mobbed everywhere they go ? Why aren’t they being swamped with requests for TV appearances ? Instead they’re out and about like nothing happened . Even the lowest of the lowest z-list celebrities get more attention than these people do.

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  2. I like Ben’s attempts at being a spy, which are exciting and a bit endearing in how awkward he is about it sometimes. He is pretty good at the tech stuff, and he comes up with some good ideas and work through them, but he sucks at actually sneaking around, and interrogating people while being subtle. Which does make sense, as before all of this, Ben was a math professor, not a super spy. And I like him and Saanvi sneaking around and putting pieces together, with Michaela solving crimes that her voices or heartbeats send her towards. Josh Dallas really does have a gift for playing kind, well meaning guys who are also strong and not bland. And I am super down with Saanvi and Ben.

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