Suspect Tracked (107.22)

While Michaela and Jared are looking for the suspect, Michaela hears the heartbeat which leads her to the exact location of where the suspect is robbing an elderly man.

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Michaela hears the beat


Scene shifts to a city sidewalk where the murder suspect is walking down a sidewalk and observes an elderly man making a withdrawal from an ATM machine. The suspect reaches into the trash and breaks a glass bottle.   Michaela and Jared are in the police car looking for him. 

JARED: This guy’s probably long gone by now.

MICHAELA: Keep driving.


MICHAELA: Go faster! Go faster!

JARED: Is this what I think it is? Is it the voices?

MICHAELA: It’s different this time. I can feel it.

The suspect in the red jacket is following the elderly man.


MICHAELA: Turn left!

The car’s tires screech.

MICHAELA: Right. Right.

JARED: What’s it saying?

MICHAELA: It’s not saying anything. It’s a heartbeat.

JARED: Maybe it’s just your heartbeat.

MICHAELA: No, it’s not, it wouldn’t it just Wait, it was there, and now it’s not. It’s not there anymore. It stopped. Stop the car!

Michaela on the beat


Michaela gets out of the car, and starts running back up the street.


The murder suspect grabs the elderly man from behind.

MAN:  Aah!

SUSPECT: Give me the money.

MAN: No, get off me.

SUSPECT: Give me the money!

MAN: It’s all I have!

Michaela jumps the suspect wrestling him to the ground.

SUSPECT: Get off me!  Aah!

Jared watches Michaela put handcuffs on the suspect.

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