Climbing Tension (107.23)

When Danny tells Ben how much Olive means to him, and he won’t interfere with his parenting, Ben walks away.

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Olive wants more height


Scene shifts to the street outside the Stone house. Danny and Olive are returning from rock climbing.

DANNY: That might’ve been your best yet.

OLIVE: Eh, I just think we need more height.

DANNY: Oh, do you, hot shot?

OLIVE: Seriously. Like, a legit simulation.


Danny’s tension

Grace opens the front door and comes outside.

DANNY: Successful mission.

GRACE: Thanks for taking her.

Olive give a hug to Danny, just as Ben drives up.


GRACE [TO OLIVE] So, was it fun?

OLIVE: Yeah.

Grace/Olive are pulling Danny

Grace comes out to the front steps and sort of glows at Danny with her whole being. It makes you realize how exhausted and stressed she always is around Ben, like their relationship is a chore for her, but Danny is a relief and a joy to be around. Danny tries not to be magnetically pulled back into the house to stay for the rest of his life. They are 20 feet apart the whole time, and only say a few words, but it doesn’t matter. You can see the intensity of [his] longing from 200 feet away, and so does Ben [just before he pulls in the driveway and parks his car.]

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Ben’s tension


Grace and Olive go inside and close the front door as Ben parks the car. 

DANNY: You’re a good man to let her stick with this. She did great.

BEN: No doubt. So, how much longer?

DANNY: I’m sorry?

BEN: You’re training for a climb. When’s the climb?

DANNY: Oh, summer.

BEN: Gotcha.

DANNY: I’m not gonna get in your way, Ben. Olive’s not my kid. But I stepped in when you were gone, and I care about her. When she comes to me, I can’t turn her away.

BEN: Nice to see you, Danny.

Cal is pulling Ben

Ben goes through his own set of complicated emotions, from caveman jealousy settling down into 21st century self control, but he still can’t hide that he doesn’t like Danny encroaching on his womenfolk… The tension between them isn’t going anywhere while Ben has to devote himself to saving Cal instead of repairing his relationships with Grace and Olive. It’s an issue that existed before Flight 828, and Ben might have to face that taking care of Cal is his life’s calling, with or without the plane and the voices. Everything else will always be secondary.

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The tension keeps climbing

The healthy tension that exists between Olive and Danny is complicated when one also adds into the mix Grace and Ben. The tension that Metacritic speaks about above between Grace and Ben, seems to be creating undue tension between Ben and Danny, which exerts more force on Olive causing her to be more tense. Although Ben, the mathematician might be able to figure the right balance of forces if he were to measure the vectors, it is doubtful he has the time or energy to understanding the dynamics on his family. The question is who going to fall, and how far?

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  1. I really appreciated Ben as a father in this episode–it clearly upsets him that Olive wants to spend time/has a bond with Danny, and he clearly wants to punch Danny in the face every time he sees him, and he can’t have missed how Grace was looking at Danny…but equally obviously he knows hanging out with Danny is good for Olive, so he swallows it all down and pretends it doesn’t bother him in front of Olive and is civil to Danny. Good for him. Ben’s been much more mature about the whole thing than Grace has, frankly. (I’m starting to feel bad for Danny–I think he, too, may deserve someone better than Grace! I think he’s handled the situation about as well as he could as well.)

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