All Okay (107.25)

Michaela tells Beverly that Evie is okay. But this time, she does not have to lie, she can really mean it. Olive, too, is okay circling a day in July when she plans to climb Acadia. But we are not so sure  about Danny, he is having dinner alone. Cal is feeling okay. He tells his dad that he has nothing to worry about from Vance.

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Olive’s okay

Song montage: Kaleo’s “All the Pretty Girls” .


🎵All the pretty girls like Samuel 🎵
🎵 Oh, he really doesn’t share 🎵

Scene shifts to Olive on circling July 19th on her calendar which she had labeled “Climb Acadia” before putting a smile face next to it.

🎵 Though it’s more he can handle 🎵

Danny’s okay

Scene shifts to a restaurant where Danny is having dinner alone in a cafe surrounded by happy people enjoying each other’s company. He appears okay, at least for now, although as the song lyrics state, “Life is anything but fair.”

🎵 Life is anything but fair 🎵
🎵 Life is anything but fair 🎵
🎵 oh, oh, oh, oh 🎵

Beverly’s okay

Michaela walks up to and sits next to Evie’s mother.

🎵 Whoo, hoo, hoo, hoo 🎵
🎵 oh, oh, oh, oh, oh 🎵

BEVERLY: I’m worried about Evie. She’s been gone so long.

🎵 Just as soon as they turn older 🎵

Evie’s okay

MICHAELA: You don’t need to worry. I saw her. I saw Evie. She’s okay. She’s okay. She’s okay.

🎵 He’ll will come and sweep them off their feet 🎵
🎵 It’s only making me feel smaller 🎵

Beverly smiles and looks at a photo album of Evie

BEVERLY: Look at that.

Cal’s okay


Ben opens enters Cal’s bedroom. Cal is playing with his toys.

🎵 All the hidden love beneath 🎵

BEN: Hey, bud. Feeling okay?


CAL: Did the secret work? Did you find the man?

BEN: Almost, buddy, but it shouldn’t be too much longer. I had a big breakthrough today. Then someone bad got in my way, but I promise I’m not gonna give up.

CAL: You don’t have to worry. He’s not a bad guy, Dad. Not anymore.

Scene shifts to Vance getting out of his car, as his cell phone rings. It’s Deputy Powell

Vance’s okay


VANCE: Vance.

POWELL: I’ve got a team on standby. Anything you’ve got off Stone, they’re ready to jump in.

VANCE: No, I didn’t get anything. He was clean.

Vance holds Ben’s thumb-drive in his hand.

What is Vance planning now?

Why did he not give away the pen drive to the NSA and chose to keep it with him? Does this mean that he is finally trusting of Ben? It seems like Vance himself has been looking for answers for quite a while, and Ben’s enthusiasm is just the right thing to get the NSA officer into the field without any ties with the government. There is a massive scope for Ben and Vance to come together, but what are they heading to?

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4 thoughts on “All Okay (107.25)

  1. Acadia is about 8 hours away from NYC. Hardly a day trip. So how do the overnite work out? As a Dad to a daughter, I’d sure as heck want to know the answers.

  2. A few thoughts: Acadia is derived from the Greek meaning “idyllic place”.

    An olive branch is usually seen as a gesture of peace. She (Olive) is being used as a way to bring Danny and Ben together.

    Unless there’s another time jump of some kind, we won’t see the results of this trip till next fall, if the show is picked up for a 2nd season. I realize they can’t climb mountains in the winter but having the trip be in July, when the show ends the season in May or June, is frustrating.

  3. In S1E7 (S.N.A.F.U), Ben asks Danny when the climb is that Olive is training for. Danny says in the summer. Later we see Olive circle July 19, which is labeled, “Climb Acadia.” She then writes a smiley face on July 20.

    Montego 828 is our famous flight. Montego means “mountainous” – and Olive is training for a mountain climb. We know that 828 alludes to the Bible verse Romans 8:28, which says, “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” This is the verse Grandma Karen always wants her kids to remember. Also in the Bible, Jesus often visits the Mount of Olives. He was arrested there. Buried there. Rose there. Ascended to heaven there.

    Additionally, and perhaps this is apophenia, but if you take July 20 (the smiley face) as 7/20 or 720 and subtract it from 828, you get 108 – the consummate number of LOST (the sum of the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42).

    If that’s not the intent of July 19/20, I still think we are getting some sort of clue regarding the date of Olive’s mountain climb. Anyone else see anything?

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