Ben is given a sign (107.26)

Michaela and Ben discover that Cal drew a picture of Carlos with Evie’s heart, showing how connected he is to everything that is happening to them.

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Faith seeks understanding

Scene shifts back to the Stone house.

MICHAELA: How’s Cal?

BEN: He’s okay.

MICHAELA: You, maybe not so much.

BEN: I need to understand. The callings, what’s happening with Cal. I want to believe there’s a a reason, but it requires this leap of faith, and I can’t trust what I don’t understand.

MICHAELA: I don’t understand it any more than you do. But I take that leap and I follow the calling. And I feel a little better. For the first time since Evie, I feel like I might just be okay. That’s why I was drawn to the boy, to Evie’s heart. I had to know that the callings were right, that it is all connected.

BEN: Connected to what?

MICHAELA: To us, to to each other. That’s what all of this is for. It has to be.

Michaela’s experience vs. Ben’s experience

Michaela is insensitive and unhelpful in the final scene. She gets all of these lovely, lifesaving, warm fuzzy callings that are healing her from her prior tragedies. Because she’s lost so much, she wants to cling to the callings as important and good, making the lost years worth it. But Ben’s experience is the opposite. His already ill son is endangered, over and over. His marriage and relationship with his daughter are compromised. So far, other than with Saanvi, the callings haven’t helped Ben feel more connected. They’ve left him more isolated and burdened. He’s taking some big risks and even committing crimes, when he has a family to take care of. Michaela is a cop, and can write off most of her antics as being in the line of duty, with Jared loyally backing her up. Ben doesn’t have that luxury.

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Ben is given a sign


BEN: Great. You got a sign. Where’s mine?

When Ben opens the refrigerator door, Michaela notices a drawing on the door. Its of a boy with a heart on his chest. 

MICHAELA: Ben, when did Cal draw that?

BEN: The other day. Why?

MICHAELA: That’s Carlos with Evie’s heart. I think you just got your sign.


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3 thoughts on “Ben is given a sign (107.26)

  1. This scene with Michaela and Ben got me thinking about a concept from Doctor Who, but I don’t know if Doctor Who originated it or not. The idea is that science would look like magic to a less advanced civilization. Ben’s character has been established as the one embracing science. So perhaps this is where we’re going especially with the introduction of Fiona. I hope she’s more than a red herring. She seems like someone who has actually investigated the science behind the phenomena that the 828ers have been experiencing. She could be vital, contributing member to the Ben/Saanvi/Michaela brain trust. On the flip side of that, Michaela seems to be embracing the more mystical side of what is going on. She seems the most drawn to the Bible verse left behind by her mother and much more willing to trust the signs.

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