Ben Follows the Money (107.3)

After being interviewed and hired by UDS’ accounting firm J.P. Williamson, Ben’s plan is to “follow the money” to where the 11 passengers have been taken.

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Update on the missing passengers

MICHAELA: Seems like the testing stopped.

BEN: For now. The passengers were moved. There’s satellite footage of the farm being torn down. [PAUSE] But I know how to find them.

SAANVI: How do we do that?

Ben’s plan to find them

BEN: Follow the money. The farm was owned by Unified Dynamic Systems. It turns out their accounting firm is hiring, so I applied for an entry-level job.

MICHAELA: Entry level? Ben, you’re way over-qualified. They’re never gonna hire you.


INTERVIEWER: Mr. Stone, you seem much too qualified to be applying for Junior Revenue Accountant.

BEN: JP Williamson provides support for 35 Fortune 500 companies, correct?

INTERVIEWER: That’s correct. We work closely with the likes of Boeing, AIG, Unified Dynamic Systems

Back at the hospital Ben continues speaking to Michaela and Saanvi.

BEN: If I could get in their books, I should be able to follow the money trail from the farm to wherever they’re holding the missing passengers now.

Scene jumps ahead back to interview.

BEN: And what better way to service them by having someone who is overqualified and starving to get back to work on your team?

Back at hospital.

SAANVI: It might work if they hire you.

BEN: It has to work. Cal thinks he’s in danger. And he hasn’t been wrong yet.

Returning to Ben’s interview…

BEN: And it will cost you less than hiring a guy who doesn’t have a 5 1/2-year gap on his resume.

INTERVIEWER: Welcome to JP Williamson, Mr. Stone.

They shake hands.

BEN: Thank you, thank you.



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