Family Dynamics I (107.4)

Family dynamics come into play, as Ben readies himself for his first day on the job. After Grace affirms him for getting a job, she discloses that Olive is going rock climbing with Danny. Ben doesn’t have a lot of time to process it, though. He doesn’t want to be late for work.

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Ben keeps his plan to himself

Scene shifts to the next morning. Ben is having breakfast before he leaves for work.

GRACE: I think this job is gonna be great for all of us, Ben. Look, I know it’s not the ideal salary, but there’s room to grow, right?

BEN: Yeah, yeah. And JP Williamson handles the books for practically half of corporate America. They have about 100,000 employees.

GRACE: And now my husband is one of them.

Grace does not know why Ben took the job

It’s not a good sign that Michaela and Saanvi know the truth about why he took the job but Grace doesn’t, despite Ben trying to tell her the truth about the flight and the effect it’s had on the passengers. Even with time to think about it, Grace apparently wants nothing to do with the reality of what Ben and Cal are facing.

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Ben gives permission to Olive

Ben takes a sip of his coffee, as Olive enters the kitchen. She is talking to someone on the phone. 

OLIVE: Yeah, that’d be cool. Let me ask.

OLIVE: Can I go rock climbing today?

BEN: Hmm, sounds awesome. Wish I could go.

OLIVE: Cool. Thanks.

Olive leaves kitchen.

Grace’s full disclosure to Ben

BEN: She seem off to you?

GRACE: Okay. Full disclosure. She is going rock climbing with Danny.

BEN: Oh.

GRACE: He asked me if it would be okay. I was gonna talk to you about it. It’s something that they started when she was getting off her anti-depressants. It gave her a goal. They were training weekly to hit a climb in Acadia National Park, but listen, if you are at all uncomfortable with it

BEN: No, I think it’s good. First day, can’t be late.”

Ben grabs his sport coat and leaves.

Ben is unwilling to talk about Danny

Ben cuts her off, saying he has to get to work. The male version of “I don’t want to talk about it.”

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Contrast between Grace and Ben

This scene reveals a huge disconnect between Grace and Ben. The two are by no means mirror images of one another. Grace seems to be disclosing to Ben everything that is going on with Danny, but Ben is holding back about revealing everything to her (e.g. the reason he applied for his job).

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2 thoughts on “Family Dynamics I (107.4)

  1. “It’s something that they started when she was getting off her anti-depressants.”

    Will Ben and Grace agree to Olive and Danny traveling alone together to Acadia National Park? Or will Olive need her Meds again? The thread (aka Danny) entangling the Stone family dynamics is slowly becoming one of the messiest since Y&R’s Victor and Sharon in 2014.

  2. I’m a mother and grandmother. If this was the real world (and of course it’s not), Grace is asking for very serious trouble allowing an unsupervised relationship between a teenage girl and adult man. Danny needs to back off before some really bad stuff happens. Olive is a child, not his child, and an emotionally conflicted one at that. This relationship is dangerous and nothing good will come of it. I hope the writers understand that. Ben and Grace don’t seem to so I guess not.

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