Where’s Evie? (107.6)

Michaela brings flowers to Evie’s parents. Although Michaela has a good relationship with them, she still has some work to do in processing her feelings about Evie’s death.  Beverly, of course, can’t do this. She has dementia and wants Michaela to sit with her until Evie comes home.

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Michaela brings flowers

Scene shifts to Evie’s parent’s house.

GLEN: Thanks for coming. Beverly could use a friendly face.

Michaela has a bouquet of flowers. 

MICHAELA: How is she?

GLEN: See for yourself.

Beverly waits for Evie

Michaela walks through the living room and sees Beverly in the dining room. Evie’s mom who suffers from dementia looks confused and worried. 

MICHAELA: Hi, Beverly.

Beverly is waiting for Evie to return. She has no memory of the accident or the fact that her daughter has died.

BEVERLY: Where’s Evie? Sure is taking her a long time to come home.

MICHAELA: I am sure wherever she is now, she’s okay.

BEVERLY: Will you sit with me while I wait?

MICHAELA: Yeah, of course I will.

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