Fiona Clarke (107.7)

When Ben realizes he has limited access to the company’s server, he uses his supervisors ID card to find out that Fiona Clarke is working for UDS. He then learns a whole lot more information about her, thinking she may be responsible for what happened on the plane.

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Ben gains greater access

Scene shifts to Ben’s office. He calls Saanvi.

SAANVI: Hey, you find something?

BEN: Not at first. My access was limited, so I had to improvise.

We see Ben placing his ID into the microwave oven while he warms up his coffee.

BEN [to Saanvi]: Funny how my ID just stopped working. It gave me an excuse to borrow one with greater access.

We see Ben having difficulty opening a door with his card and Ronnie Wilcox noticing he is having problems.

RONNIE WILCOX: Having trouble there, my man?

BEN: Card

BEN [to Saanvi]: Luckily, my boss is an 828 fanboy, so he was happy to help.

BEN: Borrow yours?

Ronnie hands Ben his Senor Revenue Accountant badge with ID number: 97788 001-33488273.


BEN [to Saanvi]: That got me into the system.

Ben learns of Dr. Fiona Clarke


Ben is now at his desk on the computer. 

SAANVI: And what did you find?

BEN: Something called S.P.  I couldn’t get access. But here’s what I did get.

A whole bunch of documents and certificates regarding Dr. Fiona Clarke pop up on the computer screen. Among them is a Certificate of Acknowledgement from the Central Intelligence Agency

BEN: You’ve been hearing about Fiona Clarke, right?

SAANVI: The big-shot professor from the plane?  Yeah, Her face shows up in half the 828 news coverage. Why?

BEN: Because she’s working for whoever took the missing passengers.

//Commercial Break//

Ben learns about networked brains

Scene shifts to a small cafe where Ben and Saanvi are having lunch.

SAANVI: Fiona Clarke started her career in neural psychology, ended up being blackballed in her field for her fringe beliefs, so she shifted to spiritual circles and blew up. Huge online presence, books, lectures. And that was before we all disappeared.

BEN: Fringe beliefs? Like what?

SAANVI: Like believing all of our brains can sync up to one another.

BEN: Like Cal and Marko Valeriev.

SAANVI: Mm-hmm.

They watch a video of Dr. Fiona Clarke giving a lecture.

FIONA CLARKE: It’s all neural connectivity, pathways. A computer alone at your home is powerful, but one connected to a network is all-powerful. The same could be said of our brains.

BEN: Networked brains. All her files were marked S.P. I don’t know what that means, but it has to connect to the detainees. I mean, maybe she sold us out, had the passengers abducted.

SAANVI: Maybe she’s the mastermind behind what they’re doing to the detainees altogether.

BEN: Hell, maybe she’s responsible for what happened to the plane.

SAANVI: Well, you can ask her yourself. Tonight.

Saanvi holds up an announcement about Dr. Fiona having a lecture that night titled, “The Mirror Factor”.

And let’s not forget…

The scene shifts briefly to Cal’s bedroom where he has flashbacks of what he experienced while having a fever just days earlier, that somehow his mind was somehow connected with Marko’s.

CAL: No, not the red door!

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