NSA Watch (107.9)

A short transition scene to remind the viewer that NSA is watching every move that Ben makes, and that although Powell thinks Ben is paranoid, Vance believes he might be on to something.

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Powell’s view of Ben

Scene shifts to Director Vance’s office at the NSA.

VANCE: Why is Ben Stone working a low-level accounting job at JP Williamson?

POWELL: Maybe they need the money. I think we’ve wasted enough time on his paranoid theories.

Could Powell be working for someone else?

When Powell says Ben is just paranoid (since no other law enforcement agency knows anything about Ben’s claims), might he be just saying that to throw Vance off track. Powell might be a plant sent by another government agency to throw Vance off track. Vance, however, does not take Powell’s bait.

SOURCE: cf. Metacrone at Metawitches.com

Vance’s view of Ben

VANCE: Yeah, might not be paranoid.

POWELL: Every single law enforcement and intelligence agency we’ve reached out to has zero information on those missing passengers.

VANCE: Exactly. I think there’s an off-the-books, covert unit running the whole thing. We just don’t know who it is. That’s what Stone is trying to find out. And I’d bet my house he thinks he’ll find the answer at that accounting firm.

POWELL: Shouldn’t we trust our fellow agencies and not some civilian?

VANCE: This civilian just might be on to something.

Family and Government Dynamics

In the previous scene Danny watches Olive climb the wall. In this scene, the NSA watches Ben. When looking at Olive’s two dads, we have the legitimate authority (Ben her natural father) and another lesser authority (i.e. the man who filled in while Ben was gone). The former is akin to Powell’s trusted “fellow agencies”, the latter to “some civilian.” Olive is unsure who to spend her time with. Whereas some viewers might be to quick to judge Danny as the one who needs to disappear, might Olive “be on to something”? Continuing her relationship with Danny might be just as good for Olive, as her staying connected with Ben—especially when she falls (i.e. shoplifting)

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  1. Ben is both a great spy and a TERRIBLE spy. A+ for infiltration and data acquisition, F for interrogation and not realizing the NSA is bugging your phone. Thank goodness the NSA is finally bugging the phones, by the way–it already strained credulity for them not to be, and if they weren’t after Ben lost his shit at them last week, it would’ve been too much. UDS would totally also notice that Ben got hired by their accounting firm, I think.

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