Manifest Viewer’s Guide Website Offers Unique Features

Manifest is one of those TV shows where every dialogue, every scene, and every reference matter! That’s why a Viewer’s Guide is so important. At one can search all the scripts and scenes to find exactly what one needs. After all, everything is connected!

Episode Recaps

Each recap is actually 24-28 separate pages/posts. Each episode is broken up into scenes and properly tagged. This makes it easier for anyone doing research. Used with the search feature, one can find just about any reference and make ongoing connections. The tab at the top of the recap introduction gives viewers three options. They can browse pages using images/scene title, view pertinent quotes from each scene, or filter the episode by character. They can follow only the scenes of their favorite characters!

Episode 105 Recap

Character Timelines

One of the more interesting features of the website (which is continually being updated and modified) is the Character’s Timeline. It’s a quick and easy way to keep all the facts and events organized. On one page you can see past history, the events of April 7, 2013 and how they related to the 5 1/2 missing years, to the events of November 4, 2018. There are three ways you can view the timeline: As an outline of events, in a dialogue view, or by episode scenes. What makes these timeline especially unique is that each event is cross referenced (linked) to the scene script page on the website.

Michaela’s Timeline
Ben’s Timeline

The other timelines are available, but still under construction.

So far through seven episodes, the characters have only been at it for 14 days, that is, two weeks. Those are two very busy weeks!


It’s not an ordinary glossary. You will find more here than simply definitions. Each term also has an  Episode References section and Significance/Meaning section where possible connections are explored. You may want to check out some of the more popular pages:

Comments, Forum, and Chat Room

Other interactive features are currently being developed. However, it may be some time before these sections of the website attract participants.

Manifest RSS feeds

This section continues to be tweaked, and new RSS feeds are added all the time.

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