“I Don’t Want to Die” (108.1)

SCENE RECAP:  Manifest begins with Flight 828 coming in for a landing. Cal tells his father he doesn’t want to be in New York because he has cancer in New York and he doesn’t want to die. READ MORE

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The known


As airplane lands on the runway, the scenes shifts to inside the plane where we learn that it is Flight 828.

BEN:  Seriously? No service?


The unknown

Ben turns to his son, who is seated between him and Michaela.

BEN: See, buddy? No reason to be scared. We made it. It’s okay. We’re home.

CAL: I wasn’t afraid of a flight. I don’t want to be in New York. This is where I have cancer. No more school, no more anything. I don’t want to die.


Scene shifts to Cal’s bedroom. Ben watches over his son sleeping with his head resting on Art the Dragon.

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