Not Getting It (108.10)

Michaela is brought to the roof of the building where the man who wants to jump has positioned himself. While she is being fitted into the harness of a rope rescue apparatus, she starts talking to the man.

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Michaela connected to a harness

Scene shifts back to the top of the building where Harvey is standing on the ledge. ESU officers are strapping Michaela into a rope rescue apparatus.

MICHAELA: Harvey, you okay?

HARVEY: Don’t come over here!

MICHAELA: It’s Michaela Stone. I was on the plane with you. I’m one of the passengers.

JARED: Mick, please be careful.

MICHAELA: I’m okay. It’s okay.

JARED: You sure?


Michaela unable to connect to the man

MICHAELAHarvey. Harvey, do you remember me? I’m a cop. I was at the hangar with you, after the plane exploded.

HARVEY: That’s close enough.

MICHAELA: I know why you’re here, okay? I know exactly what you are feeling right now.

HARVEY: I don’t think so.

MICHAELA: You’ve come back and the world’s moved on and you don’t know where you fit in anymore. I get it.

HARVEY: No. No, you don’t. That is not it. That is not it.

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