Getting Close (108.11)

Ben calls Fiona  who confirms his suspicion that electrical data (i.e. voltage levels) are being tracked. She tells him the patients are probably receiving electro-cortical stimulation. Ben then tricks his boss again into handing over UDS property risk reports.

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Ben connects with Fiona Clarke

Scene shifts to JP Williamson building where Ben is looking at the raw data dump on the computer. He calls Fiona Clarke

FIONA: Hello?

BEN: Professor, it’s Ben Stone. I hope I got you at a good time. I think I may have found something.

FIONA: About the missing passengers? Have you found where they are?

BEN: No, not yet. But the data I was able to download from the UDS cloud server? Some of it’s medical. Saanvi thinks they’re tracking heart rates, brain activity. But there’s something else. Is it possible they’re they’re tracking electrical data? Voltage levels? Professor?

Experiments connected to the callings

FIONA: Oh, my God, the callings. They’re trying to artificially replicate them.

BEN: How?

FIONA: Electro-cortical stimulation. I used it on rats, trying to connect the brainwaves of multiple subjects. Most of them died in the process. What Singularity’s doing is wildly theoretical and dangerous. We have to stop these people, no matter what.

BEN: We will.

Can Fiona be trusted?

Last episode I thought Ben and Saanvi were awfully quick to trust Fiona Clarke, but so far it seems she’s one of the good guys and they’ve made the right decision. Emphasis on the “so far” part. That enigmatic comment to Kelly from last episode’s flashback–“This flight isn’t happening to you, it’s happening for you.”–still has my spider senses at DEFCON 4.

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Ben “connects” with his supervisor

Ben hangs up, and goes over to Ronnie Wilcox’s office.

BEN: Hey.

RONNIE: Can’t really talk right now, bro.

BEN: Uh, real quick, can you send me the UDS property risk reports from the last year? I know, it’s above my pay grade, but I need a Tier One sampling for the plus/minus.

RONNIE: Ah, yeah, they’re not done yet. UDS is slow as ass updating their records, and anyway, I spend half my week in clients’ offices taking meetings. When am I gonna log risk reports? God, I’m supposed to be at Wernax right now.

BEN: How about you let me lighten the load? You know, I’ve been fooling around with this algorithm. It’ll convert everything to run as a batch file.

RONNIE: Oh, that’s sexy.

BEN: Yeah, I can zip through our clients. Just flip me the data.

RONNIE: Yeah. I can’t really punt the supervisory work – down the food chain, my man.

BEN: Ronnie. I’m under-utilized here. Take advantage. No one has to know.

RONNIE: Property acquisitions, UDS, 12-month range. Whoa. 9,600 properties.

BEN: Piece of cake.

RONNIE: Yeah? Benjamin Stone, and send. Okay, I have to roll. Where’s my Wernax ID?

BEN: Uh, it’s here, on your desk.

RONNIE: Oh, okay. Uh, end of day, no later.

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2 thoughts on “Getting Close (108.11)

  1. FIONA: Oh, my God, the callings. They’re trying to artificially replicate them.

    That is what Fiona said to Ben. However, the dialogue shown below had previously taken place between her, Saanvi, and Ben (107.16):

    FIONA CLARKE: In the wake of any traumatic event, it’s inevitable the participants eventually seek each other out.

    BEN: So, it has nothing to do with you experiencing a calling.

    FIONA CLARKE: I’m sorry, a-a calling?

    SAANVI: That’s our own shorthand for some of the visions and voices some of the passengers have been receiving.

    FIONA CLARKE: Have they, indeed?
    Clarke’s initially didn’t understand the shorthand Saanvi used to describe what was happening to the passengers was literally called, a “calling.” But Clarke’s “have they, indeed” smirky response indicates that she knew exactly what Saanvi was describing.

    How did Clarke know about the “callings?” Her work was theoretical. She had allegedly only worked with lab rats. Did her lab rats get “callings” and provide her with the detailed information?

    She would later tell Ben, “they’re trying to artificially replicate them.” Artificially replicate the callings? How did Fiona Clarke know that “callings” could be “artificially” replicated? And she refers to “they” as if she knows who “they” are.

    To add to Clarke’s “know nothing-not involved” involvement, she’s the one who ended up with the tortured test subjects after the hostage rescue mission (109). Assuring everyone that she would take them to a safe place.

    Clarke knows a lot more than she’s revealing. She could also be the one who orchestrated Flight 828’s disappearance, and she possibly could be directly responsible for everything that’s happening.

  2. Ben’s boss has been heading towards a visit to the principal’s office since long before Ben arrived—which is kind of too bad, since he’s the opposite of the mean boss. But he’s also likely responsible—through his lack of professionalism —for all kinds of bad stuff slipping under the radar—maybe even for the Singularity people being able to work sight unseen.

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