Michaela gets too Close (108.12)

Michaela walks a little closer to the jumper and tries to connect with why he would want to end his life. But she gets it all wrong, and fails to connect emotionally with the man, who in turn, jumps.

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Michaela comes closer

Michaela is still on top of the building trying to get Harvey down.

MICHAELA: Harvey, I’m gonna come closer now, okay?

She starts walking toward him.


HARVEY: I can see the house I grew up in. This is my synagogue. Me and Josh Klein, we used to smoke weed in the parking lot before Hebrew School. I was 12 years old.

Michaela still can’t connect

MICHAELA: And now you feel like you don’t belong here anymore, right, like, you’re not the same person?

HARVEY: People are dying. It has to stop. I’m gonna be next. That’s the only way.

MICHAELA: Harvey, who is dying? Come on, you can You can tell me. Who’s gonna understand if not another passenger? Talk to me, please. I will understand.

HARVEY: Then you can understand this.

Michaela fails

Harvey moves toward the edge to jump.

MICHAELA: Harvey, no! Stop! No!

JARED: Michaela!

Although Michaela tries to reach  him, she can’t. She looks over the edge to see his body on the ground, with a fractured skull.

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One thought on “Michaela gets too Close (108.12)

  1. I hate the favoritism of the Callings. Last week, it goes out of its way to make Michaela feel better about her best friend’s accident helping out a boy with a heart condition. And then this week, it pushes a guy to commit suicide. Why doesn’t the Calling just cause the evil Singularity guy to drop dead or something? I can’t even fathom how all this is going to add up (or if it ever will).

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