Failed Call (108.13)

Michaela tells Ben on the phone that she failed the calling.

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Harvey’s talk of people dying

BEN: Oh my God, that’s that’s awful, I’m so sorry Mick,

MICHAELA: He’s talking about people dying, and the next minute he’s gone.

BEN: What people dying?

MICHAELA: I don’t know. We’re going to his place to figure it out.

Michaela’s talk of failing

MICHAELA: There’s more, Ben. I had a calling this morning. “Don’t lose him.” Did you have it?

BEN: No. No, no. [PAUSE]  “Don’t lose him”?

MICHAELA: Yeah, I thought it was about Jared, but it’s it was about Harvey, don’t lose Harvey, and I did. I lost him. It’s more than getting it wrong, Ben. I failed. I failed the calling. I have to go. I’ve got to find out why.

BEN: No, no. [Michaela hangs up]  Mick! Mick!

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