Family Matters (108.14)

While Grace is being given an update about Cal’s first day at school, while buying makeup for her date night, she runs into Lourdes who is buying fertility kits anticipating starting a family with Jared.

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Grace given update on Cal

Scene shifts to a store where Grace is shopping. She is on the phone with Olive.

GRACE: Okay, start at the beginning. You walked him in

OLIVE: Yep dropped him off at his classroom. Mrs. Henry was super excited to see him. I’m gonna find him at lunch. Okay? All good.

Grace anticipates date night

OLIVE: Now, let me see.

GRACE: Okay, well, I don’t know – No?

OLIVE: Mom, It’s date night. You’re not going to church.

GRACE: Okay, okay.

OLIVE: I like it, by the way. Date night. You and Dad used to do it every Friday when we were kids, remember? And Grandma and Grandpa would babysit.

Grace sees Lourdes in the store.

GRACE: Of course I remember. Let me call you right back, okay?

Lourdes says Hi to Grace


GRACE: Lourdes.

They hug each other and say hi.

LOURDES: I’ve been meaning to call, see how you’re adjusting with everything.

GRACE: Oh, good. I mean, life is definitely way more hectic, but in a great way.

Lourdes anticipates a baby

Grace looks into Lourdes’ basket where there is a box of home pregnancy tests, and Ovulation predictors.

LOURDES: Way to make things. even more awkward, Lourdes.

GRACE: No, I’m sorry. So not my business.

LOURDES: Jared and I always said once I got my Masters, we’d start trying, and my thesis just got approved.

GRACE: Congratulations.


GRACE: That’s amazing. It’s exciting.

LOURDES: Thank you.

GRACE: And maybe a baby!

LOURDES: Maybe. Family.

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