Angel of Death (108.15)

Inside Harvey’s apartment Jared and Michaela look for clues as to why he committed suicide and who might be the people he said were dying. After Michaela sees “I am the angel of death” written on the wall, Jared finds the obituaries of two people.

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Into the apartment

HARVEY’S LANDLORD: Here you go, Detective.

JARED: Thanks. We’ll lock up.

Ben and Michaela walk into an apartment. The draperies are shut. Milk and other grocery items are on a table. 

Searching for clues

Jared looks through  papers and photos on Harvey’s counter.

JARED: Harvey had no family? No kids?

MICHAELA: 5 1/2 years later, this is the life he comes back to.

JARED: Hey. You did everything right. If somebody makes up their mind to jump, there’s zero you can do about it.

Jared picks up and looks at a green shirt from O’Ryan’s Tavern.

MICHAELA: Yeah. I just don’t understand. I remember him from the hangar. He was giving the NSA hell. The guy was tough as nails. I mean—

In the bedroom


When Michaela opens Harvey’s bedroom door, she sees spray painted on the wall in large red letters, “I AM THE ANGEL OF DEATH”


Jared walks into the bedroom behind her.

MICHAELA: People are dying. That’s what he said. I mean, he blamed himself for people dying. But who are the people?

Finding clues

Jared goes tot he kitchen and finds two newspaper obituary clippings. One for Susan Creighton, and another for Rick Moore

JARED: Mick.

MICHAELA: Both died in the last few days. But why?

Goof or a hint of what’s to come?

The clipping of Susan Creighton states she died on December 11, 1996 and Rick Moore died in April of 2018 from lung cancer (c.f. Michaela says they both died in the past few days, and Jared later says that Rick died of a massive heart attack.) Go figure! Either the props team was lazy, or maybe their is some weird time travel going on that we don’t yet know about?

Scene shifts to the police station where Michaela and Jared are on-line looking at photos on a social media page.

MICHAELA: Susan Creighton. That’s her.

They click through several more photos.

JARED: O’Ryan’s Tavern. Harvey had that T-shirt.

MICHAELA: Click on the hashtag. Wait, there.

JARED: Monday night.

MICHAELA: Zoom in.

JARED: Rick Moore. He and Susan were at the pub along with Harvey Monday night.
And they both died a few days later.

MICHAELA: Let’s go.

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