School Lunch (108.16)

Cal eats lunch with Olive, Kevin and Pippy. They are all supportive of Cal who they remember being in their class 5 years ago. For Cal it was less than a month. When Pippy makes a Doritos sandwich, Cal feels at ease.

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Cal sits down

Scene shifts to a gymnasium where students are eating lunch. Olives sees her brother and calls him over to her table.


CAL: I’m not answering any questions. I just want to eat my lunch.

Kevin asks a question

KEVIN: I have a question.

OLIVE: What did he just say?

KEVIN: Tuna or Ham and Cheese? It’s gonna be one or the other because those are your favorites. I remember.

OLIVE: Tuna, same as me.

Everyone reminisces

PIPPY: I’ll give you a string cheese for your Doritos.

CAL: Are you gonna make a Dorito sandwich?

OLIVE: Oh, my God, Piper, yes, you always used to make those.

PIPPY: I’m making one right now. This brings me back.

CAL: Oh, my.

OLIVE: Yummy.

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2 thoughts on “School Lunch (108.16)

  1. I was was surprised that the contrived “campus” middle school+high school lunchroom scene had a payoff that made it worth watching, especially since they were child actors. Good job! to the child actors and the the head of casting, and perhaps makeup: Cal and Olive looked like siblings. The friends totally sold me. I’m guessing the actor who plays Cal must be really likeable.

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  2. Regarding the school, Olive said they were “on the same campus,” when she mentioned walking to school with Cal. When they got there, the sign said “Hollis Hills Charter School” (Hollis Hills is a neighborhood in Queens, NYC), so as a charter school (or schools, if the middle school and high school are considered separate entities) it might be relatively small.

    However, it would be unlikely that the middle schoolers and high schoolers would be eating lunch together. When my kids were in a school housing 5th – 8th graders, the 5th graders were always kept separate, as they were still considered to be in elementary school, and the others were considered to be in middle school. However, it did make for a nice scene between the kids, so I’m willing to forgive the inconsistency. (When you’re watching a show about an airplane that magically reappeared after being missing for 5 years, this seems like a minor quibble.)

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