O’Ryan’s Tavern (108.18)

When the bartender at O’Ryan’s Tavern tells Jared and Michaela that Harvey had mentioned to the couple about having callings shortly before their deaths,  Michaela worries that something might happen to Jared, too.

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Asking the bartender questions

Scene shifts to O’Ryan’s Tavern where Jared and Michaela are talking to the bartender (whose name we learn later in the scene is Lois).

BARTENDER: Harv was in here all the time. Local celebrity, right? Lot of free drinks.

MICHAELA: He was here Monday night. Do you remember anything special?

BARTENDER: Monday? Yeah, he got hammered. Put on quite the show.

JARED: What does that mean?

BARTENDER: You know how the plane exploded a couple of days after it landed? Harvey claimed he knew it was gonna happen. Beforehand.

MICHAELA: He told you that?

BARTENDER: Only like four times. And not just me anyone who would listen.

Jared shows the bartender two photos.

JARED: This is Susan Creighton, Rick Moore. They were both here that night.

BARTENDER: Yeah, sure. They’re both regulars.

MICHAELA: Are you aware they both passed?

BARTENDER: Excuse me?

CUSTOMER: Hey, Lois, give me another. Hey, give me a second.

Lois walks away and waits on the customers.

Forming an hypothesis

MICHAELA: He called himself the angel of death. He must have thought it was connected.

JARED: What was connected?

MICHAELA: He told people about these callings, and then they died. That’s why he killed himself.

JARED: That’s crazy.

MICHAELA: What if it’s not, Jared? I told you about the calling. What if Harvey was right?

Disproving the hypothesis


Scene shifts to the police station.

JARED: I pulled the M.E. reports. Susan Creighton’s blood alcohol was 0.23. She should’ve barely been able to walk stumbled out into the street and got hit by a bus. Rick Moore. Training for a marathon, out on a five-mile run, drops dead. He had a massive arterial blockage. Mick, these people were going to die regardless. It had nothing to do with Harvey or what he did or didn’t tell them.

MICHAELA: How do we know it’s not the universe pulling the strings?

JARED: What does that even mean? Look, don’t let this guy get into your head. He was just a lonely, disturbed man.

MICHAELA: If something happened to you, Jared? Because of me? I couldn’t live with that, either.

JARED: I’m right here. Okay? I’m 100% alive.

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